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The final project on a Friday..for the biggest WWE event of the year. Get ready Phoenix!

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  • JEREMY: I DID INDEED put a WWE coozie on my mic! You are the first to make that observation! Klaus Heyne told me that it would be a good idea to "bag the mic," when I'm not actually on it, since the capsule in the old mic DRAWS pollutants its way. Every time the capsule is cleaned, it wipes away a small amount of the gold sputtering on it and, eventually, you'll HAVE to replace it..But why expedite the expensive process? Why not take precautions? I actually had my mother, while staying the winter here in Florida, to sew the end of the coozy shut to accomodate my "mic bag." I sent Klaus a picture of it and he gave it his approval, as long as it isn't a material that holds dust or a foam-type material that will degrade and shed into the mic. GREAT observation!

    I do smoke cigars--but not in my studio.
  • Hey Ed! Question... Did you put a beer can "coozie" over your mic at about :30? Great spot, thanks for sharing, man. Cheers!

    Jeremy Ryan
  • Great work!!
  • Great stuff, that's the 'natural' sounding trailer voice everyone's looking for.
  • Sarasota? RIght up the road! Greetings from Fort Myers...
  • Very very cool. You sound great!
  • Hey Ed: You sound GREAT! I wondered who that amazing voice was, now I know. Hey, when you see Nick at work next time, tell him I said hi! He was our voice at KRZZ (back when I was in radio) for like 10 years. Amazing talent, him. Great to see and hear you man. :)
  • I love the read. Understated, effortlessly invoking power. The mic is a U87?
  • Nice Pipes Ed!!! I still love that style of commercial......
  • Been a fan of WWE for a while now. Thanks for putting a face to the voice!
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