Easy Reader (Morgan Freeman) - One Word song

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Morgan Freeman in his earlier days One Word comes after anooother... I think the Easy Reader song was sung on set, and later on they lip synched them... takes a little of the fun out of it...

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  • Priceless!

  • Now is that guy SUPA FLY, or what? ;)

    I actually remembered this once they started singing....wow....whatta great blast from the childhood past!

    Anyone catch Sidney Poitier's tribute on the Golden Globes last night?

    The expected career montage had several movie clips I hadn't seen before, where Morgan did bunches of other characters from that era, but from much less friendly streets.....which was topped off with this gem from the Electric Co. I was also completely unaware of:


       Morgan Freeman as Count Dracula on The Electric Company - YouTube

    Seriously cool post, Zurek!

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