Don't Talk To Cannibals (spoken word(

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I heard a noise and saw it was my friend.He said he needed help and asked me if I'd lendAn alibi that would save his neck.He rushed through my front door and told me of the wreck.They were "ambushed by a gang of mean men."What they did to his girl, he called: "the darkest sin."They roasted her, ate her flesh off bone.They forced him to partake and then left him alone.Once saved my life when we went off to war.He was a one man force, an action movie star.I always swore I would pay him backFor when he covered me in that grenade attack."Before I lie and make up where you've beenTell me how they broke your will, what made you give in?"He said they claimed they would catch his wife.By joining in their feast, he "hoped to save her life."I told the cops all they needed to hear.I claimed "he was with me." Soon, he was in the clear.We dined that night. With our bellies full,He asked me how it felt to "be a cannibal?"My friend laughed hard, said this secret I'd keep.Told me I "can't turn back," that I was "in too deep."He asked me if I would join his gang.I swung at him and missed when the door bell rang.They circled me, and I covered my face.Said: "we eat our rivals and rarely leave a trace.We're men of might who have loads of wealth."My friend said: "join our ranks if you'll preserve your health."Ran out the house, and I hid in the park.I saw so many shapes there creeping in the dark.So suddenly someone grabbed my feet."Fool, you won't join our ranks so you'll serve as our meat."Wish I could tell you that it ended there.I begged to join their gang after they stripped me bare.So now I must pay my entry fee.My knife will send your soul off to eternity.

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