Demo Shoot

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5 shots of me working in the studio. These will be edited in between testimonials from folks in the business and a couple humorous vignettes. I'm making a new demo reel.

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  • HOLY %&$*!!!! Amazing and funny-what a genius!! Awesome! Thanks for posting : )
  • Exceptional!
  • Sweet! I'm surprised to see you adding efx live, as opposed to doing it in post. It obviously works for you. Thanks for sharing. Keep rockin' it dude.
  • Wow. Simply Outstanding! But what is your gain setting for the 416? When I'm that close, it gets distorted.
  • What engineering am I hearing on "Angrier".......(sighs) I never get Monster Truck gigs...(pouts)
  • Very nice!
  • Thanks for the glimpse inside your production facility. I liked how you moved around and used your hands to punctuate the lines! Completely validates what my voice coaches have told me to do! Thanks!!
  • OMG!!! Absolutely Unbelieveable! I always wondered who was the voice of all those concert spots!
  • Thanks everyone! It's great that people seem to like this. I hope the reel turns out as interesting as I envision it. I also hope it will bring in some new jobs. People just don't know I'm here... except for the concert folks, of course. :)
  • wicked video... nice work
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