Demo Shoot

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5 shots of me working in the studio. These will be edited in between testimonials from folks in the business and a couple humorous vignettes. I'm making a new demo reel.

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  • SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!
  • dude!! that's some bad ass stuff!! I can only hope to be close to being that good!! Big Props, man!!
  • Bob,

    That was real cool. What a voice! I'm looking forward to be able to do that one day.

  • Hey Bob, where you the one that voiced the demo for Rolands RSS Spacial thingah-mah-bob? Thanks for the vids, I've always enjoyed your work! Sincerely,

    Donald James
  • sweet setup!!
  • That's like the coolest shit I've seen in a long time!! How do you do that without cans on? Don't you have loop issues?
  • My gosh...what did they put in the water where you grew up to make your voice so incredible Bob?
  • Aloha Bob.. Those fingers of yours on the faders was truly great theater!
  • Great Vids Bob O.. :) keep em coming.. :)
  • Just chiming in to answer a couple questions... Mic chain gain is set really low. I do get distortion sometimes, but it doesn't matter since my voice sounds like a bacon fart anyway. I only do effects on the fly to save time. If I have to service a national on-sale on a concert tour, it can be 20 to 50 markets in a day. I need to move super fast. Except for that, I do regular audio-post like everyone else. Funny how the fast way ends up sounding so energetic though.
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