Dancing With The Political Stars-JT Anncr and Gore

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Here's a fun video I voiced for MiniMovie.com kool visual effects, body double dancers with CGI face replacement technology

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  • Oh- 10 thumbs up!
  • Did they really do all that? What time is that show on, anyway?
  • High-Larry-Us!!
  • Cool! I really get into stuff like this-- I used to work in post and do a lot of effects work. Boy, technology has come quite a way since I was in the edit suite!!

    Great job!!
  • To good Man! Great Stuff! And you get paid to do that? Doesn't if feel good!
  • That was frickin' hilarious.
  • That is pretty darn funny. And the face replacement looked really good too.
  • This was so funny !!!
  • That is funny as h- e- double hockey sticks!!!!
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