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"Thomas Lollis" narrated by Zurek EPISODES: No Life of the Party (Thomas Lollis) Air Date: March 1st On the night of his birthday, Andre Wood is gunned down by Thomas Lollis during a fight in Akron, OH. Lollis tries to hide but after a close-call with cops, he skips town. He changes his identity and makes a life for himself and his girlfriend. After forging fake sales at a car dealership and walking off with $100,000, police begin to do surveillance on him and discover who he is. As cops corner him, he jumps from the second story window to make a break for it and breaks his foot. Lollis has no choice but to run through the pain, but will he be fast enough this time? I was hired via Voice 123

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  • Inspired by the book/movie "Catch Me If You Can," perhaps?  Great job!  Both voices yours?
  • Very dramatic and enticing.  I want to check out the series now!
  • Great job!  Very smooth...looks like "Cuff Me if you can" will be a bit hit...thanks for sharing it with us.
  • nice job, smooth!
  • Cool job Zurek! Did they have you read the Goodfellas script for the audition? I auditioned recently for that series too.



  • Congrats, on your success
  • Great, thanks for sharing with us. As a newbie, mind if I ask how you got this gig? Always on the lookout for new ways to find work. Thanks for sharing.

  • Loved it. Well done and congratulations!
  • Great job Zurek!  Nice set of pipes there.
  • NICE... I'll be watching for sure. Congrats

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