Coke commercial

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Can't believe this aired in movie theaters throughout Europe. Fun stuff!

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  • Thanks Joe! Coming from someone as talented as yourself, I'm humbled. Hope life is treating you very well indeed!
  • Hi Lani....LOVED it. What a fun project. Congrats. Joe
  • This is so high class it allows us to believe that real talent can do great things when creativity reigns supreme... is this high class or what ya'll???
  • Nice.. very nice indeed!
  • Great stuff! Lots 'O' fun.
  • thanks Paul. I appreciate that very much!
  • Great ad... vo of course was bang on and the animation very professional. First impression... I laughed out loud. Nice work.
  • I wish I had more gigs like these. I was lucky to have done some game voices for this Copenhagen company that was hired to do the sound on this spot. If anyone else knows how to land gigs like this or for Pixar, I'll fork up 50% of my first year's profits.
  • WOW...thats was cool as h@#... how can I do that?
  • Excellent VO as always. Fun animation as well.
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