Chevrolet voiceover session (MLK)

Location: West Palm Beach
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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "Share The Dream" voiceover recording session for Chevrolet. Gotta love the emergency EV RE20 in the local CBS radio station :)

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  • Good....goood...very good.
  • Great  read!!!!
  • Very, very well done.
  • They got the right man for that job.
  • That is cool the way the music, visuals, and voice come together for a great overall ad.
  • Nice work man.  Thanks for sharing.
  • I knew I recognized this authetic take on this great spot yesterday (01-17-2011),

    Well done !

  • I, for one think the ad is in poor taste and the Chevrolet should've been ommited in the Copy.

    Let's Awaken His Spirit in All of Us, Honor the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Junior.

    The graphic at the end featuring the Chevy Bowtie and Moniker is perfectly acceptable.


    The Copy mine as well have said:

    If Dr. King Were Alive Today, He'd Want You to Buy a Chevrolet


    Don't get me wrong, your VO was silk.

  • Beautifully done Z.  Love the simple beauty of that read!  I'll probably have to go sit in the corner for this - but the RE-20 is a great mic.  It's kind of like a blank slate - a little enhancement and it can really sound good.  I did an A/B test with an RE-20 and Neumann TLM 103 for kicks a while back.   It was by no means a “slam dunk”.  The Neumann was more subtle and transparent.  But for broadcast processing the RE-20 works fine - obviously.  

  • Nice job, Zurek!  Just the right touch and quite an honor for you.  Congratulations!
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