Chevrolet voiceover session (MLK)

Location: West Palm Beach
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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "Share The Dream" voiceover recording session for Chevrolet. Gotta love the emergency EV RE20 in the local CBS radio station :)

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  • I'm impressed and inspired. Thanks!
  • Zurek,

    So simple, so clean!  Great delivery, lot's of spirit.  Hmmm, gonna have to break out my RE20 again...

  • Brilliant read!!
  • nice. 

    really nice & light read on the final version.


    (also makes me want to pull out my EV RE27)

  • COOL!!  So, does this mean that all the hoopla about $1,000 condenser mics and $5,000 vocal booths was all for naught?  All this time, I could have done this in the radio station's production room with a broadcas mic?  Sheeesh, who'da thunk it?  Great job, Z!

  • Excellent!  Thanks for sharing this Zurek! ~Jeff
  • wazzat LL Cool J? ;) Great video.
  • Wonderful!
  • Zurek,

    Very nice - alot of heart in this.  Thanks for sharing!

  • Very Coool!!!!!!
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