Chevrolet voiceover session (MLK)

Location: West Palm Beach
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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "Share The Dream" voiceover recording session for Chevrolet. Gotta love the emergency EV RE20 in the local CBS radio station :)

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  • Great job, gave me chills
  • Kudos!
  • @Zurek: sounds pretty easy :-) thanks!
  • @Sascha Becker, This was all mic and no preamp/compressor on my end. In fact, the client made the engineer take it all off, so that they may sweeten on their end if need be.
    Sascha Becker's Page
    Sascha Becker's Page on Voiceover Universe
  • Love that mic - still use it for all my radio imaging clients - it can take a beating too. I remember an old radio story about one being run over by a station van at a remote - it still worked after - althought not very well. Those things are built to last. Much like a Chevy - lol.
  • Well done...hey, I still do my sessions on that Hey-it gets the job done well enough.
  • He, thanks for the video.


    Maybe u can tell us more about the other equipment that was used, to get this sound? I guess there was not only an EV  :-)

    Preamp, Compressor?


    Thx for help.

  • Very Nice!!!
  • Very nice, Zurek! Nothing wrong with those EV's, I made my living the first 6 years of my VO career on one! :)
  • Zurek,


    Congratulations on a job well done!



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