Casey At The Bat

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A multi-voice interpretation of the classic poem by Earnest Lawrence Thayer. This in-studio video from 2004 was recorded in a single take with no edits or post-dubbing.

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  • Good luck in all your endeavours Craig.You certainly have talent and with all your hard work, you deserve to succeed.
  • Incidentally, if any of you are coming to Faffcon 2 in Atlanta, provided I don't have a schedule conflict I will be there and would be happy to oblige with a live performance of this piece, if requested. I doubt most of the Youtubers like Bubba referenced who record these type videos would be able to do the same if put on the spot in person.

    And I also do singing impressions as well -- a friend of mine recorded this live performance with his iPhone at a concert event this past summer:
  • @Jennifer: I auditioned for "America's Got Talent" 2 years ago and was on stand-by for 2 months for the show's audition tapings (which are actually callbacks, not the performers' first auditions as they would have you believe by watching the show). But after seeing the legal stuff in the performers' contract and seeking the advice of a college friend of mine who was on "The Apprentice," I decided it would not be in my best interests to be involved with the show. I also believe my chances of success on the show would have been hindered by being immediately compared with the masterful Terry Fator, who won the prior season.

    @Perry: Pat has seen this video and most everything I've learned about creating character voices I got from his audio instructionals. And I haven't announced this officially yet because there are still some details to sort out, but he and I are partnering on a project that's launching in 2011.

    @Lynne: Wow. I am humbled at the thought that I would remind ANYONE of Robin Williams. Thank you. I wish I had his skill and improv-on-steroids style of performance. (And his money.)

    @Bubba: I first performed "Casey" for a regional fine arts competition and was selected as a finalist back in the mid-80, but it was a dramatic interp for the Poetry Recitation category and I changed my voice only for the characters named in the poem. I came up with the idea for the multi-voice interp for a talent show at college in the early 90s. We were given 4 minutes for the audition, so I figured the more character voices & impressions I crammed in, the better my chances of winning. Took me a week of rehearsing it about an hour a night prior to the audition to get everything in the right order and keep the characterizations consistent. (And for anyone who cares, I placed 2nd in the talent show -- lost to a barbershop quartet, which ironically I was also a former member of.)

    After the talent show, I began to be asked to perform for other campus events, so I kept rehearsing it regularly. I've since performed it live -- literally -- hundreds of times, thanks to the music groups I've toured with using me as their opening/intermission act and comic relief. And I've been so confident with it at times that sometimes prior to performing, I will take a few requests from the audience for impressions and then drop them in during the performance (I rarely do that now, though -- it throws off my timing).

    I've had some really great things come as a result of this piece, which I credit to the coaching of my high school speech teacher who originally picked this piece for me to perform and greatly encouraged and motivated me as a performer. One of the agents I've had for three years signed me after hearing me perform this for a talent show, and thanks to this video I've booked recurring VO gigs and clients for live events. A producer even hired me as the on-camera lead for a TV commercial -- not for my voice, ironically, but for my facial expressions.
  • Great job! Videos like this are becoming more popular on youtube etc as well. It's cool that you've had this done so long ago though. I know it's probably difficult to recall since you've been doing it for so long, but do you remember how long it took to master this bit from concept to performance ready presentation?
  • very entertaining
    great job mate
  • Pat Fraley would love this as an example of how to use placement, pitch, and vocal characteristics to create character voices. Great video.
  • Amazing! Very entertaining! They'd love you on America's Got Talent!!!
  • What a range and all in one take - you remind me of Robin Williams.
  • I added this so long ago, I'd forgotten it was on here. Thanks to everyone for the compliments.

    @Michelle: Your comment was from 2009, so my apologies for the delay in answering your question. When I was with Arlene Wilson, I got a lot of auditions for a lot of high-profile stuff but never booked anything. But I was also self-taught and had no training. I didn't even have a demo back then. One of Arlene Wilson's agents at the time (Julie, who is also a member of this site) saw me in a local talent show and asked to represent me. A couple years later, Ford Models bought out Arlene Wilson and they closed their Atlanta office. I've gotten other representation since, but don't get many VO auditions through them. For the last couple years, I've booked VO jobs occasionally, but most of my work comes from performing for live events.

    @Michael: Yes, it was all done in one take. I've been performing this piece for live events since the 90s.

    @Bobby: This was recorded in a friend's studio back in 2004. I don't know what kind of mic he was using at the time, but he made me sound great. (Syndicated radio show Jay Sekulow Live used to be produced out of this studio.) He used to include a listing of his equipment on his website but appears to have since removed it:
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