Book of Eli trailer

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15 second int'l TV trailer for Book of Eli for which I provided the voiceover.

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  • Jon,
    Please help me out here. What rules did folks accuse you of breaking? I do VO because I love it. I know unions have their place and someday I may be doing well enough to look into joining. In the mean time, on the surface it sounds like someone may be jealous of your not needing them?
  • So apparently I created some controversy in the industry with this particular video, because I got a call suggesting that I and the trailer house I work with are doing work against SAG rules. I have always worked within the parameters of contracts, rules, and guidelines. I'm currently freelance and non-union until February because of a local contract I'm stuck with. I can't do union and non-union. So far I've only worked on int'l theatrical and tv trailers.
  • Great job Jon! Amazing stuff. :) HUGE pipes!!
  • Haha! Thanks, Kyle! I've never been "daman" before! But I gotta say, I absolutely loved this movie as well and getting to do the trailer for it was a REAL pleasure! It's always cool to get paying work, but to get paying work that is also something you really like is AWESOME.
  • GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!....i've got another hero in VO...udaman!!! of my top 5 movies of all time!!!
  • Oh, don't even get me STARTED on what an incredible film it was! Love this movie!
  • You sound great! Its interesting since I just finished watching it on the weekend. What a movie
  • thank you, everyone! i just started working with movie trailers this past February. They contacted me through my website and said they had seen me on YouTube (the same way Zurek first contacted me) and asked if I wanted to read for some trailers. I get asked by kids and teenagers to do "trailers" all the time, I didn't think much about it, so I said Jjust send me a script and I'll get to it whan I can." They sent me three scripts: "Beastly" starring Vanessa Hudgens and Mary-Kate Olsen, "Extraordinary Measures," and "Nine." Then it dawned on me, "These are REAL movies!" And I've been working in this area of the industry ever since as well as in commercials. I would like to get into animation one day as well. :) Thanks for all the wonderful comments!
  • Jon, you did a fantastic job. The Book of Eli is one of my favorite movies. You did it justice.
  • Thought it was Ashton... awesome job!

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