BMW Evolution 5 - French TV

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Paul Boucher

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  • Thanks for the feedback Pierre - always nice to hear another professional francophone opinion.

    This spot was only aired in Canada - and definitely done in Canadian French.

    For those reading it not familiar with the Canadian French vs France French conversation - it's analogous to the UK English vs American English. Grammar, syntax, and *definitely the accent and possible dialects* can be completely different.

    This spot couldn't have aired in France, it's simply not spoken in the France or even "mid-Atlantic" French.
  • Hi Paul, was this aired on French TV from France, or on Canada French TV? I'm asking because in France they usually are a bit funny about French Canadian, and also the ad shows a .ca website, and the "La nouvelle BMW Série 5" line is not phrased the usual way (it would normally be "La nouvelle BMW Série 5" without the "de")? Really nice commercial by the way!
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