ASK JOE Week 6

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"Source Connect Hook Up"

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  • Great advice!  You're great too!
  • Hi I wouldn't advise investing in it with hopes that you would use it at some point.  Save your money.  If a gig comes your way that requires Source Connect, you can lease the usage for a day.
  • Hi Joe,  Do you think this is worth investing in at the start?  It seems like the chicken or the egg.  If I have it, I eligible to audition for spots that require it.  Or should I wait until I actually am requested to get it later down the road.  How much does it cost you a year?  I have a MacBook Pro, ProTools, a mini M Box and Neumann mic.  You said Source Connect is much less than ISDN but interfaces with it, right?
  • Hi Guys...almost 3 years later after doing this video with Steve Nafshun, Out of Hear continues to rock on and Source Connect is 3 years BETTER than it was in 2008. I use the stand-alone Source Connect Pro and while I still use ProTools in my home studio, I don't use it anymore when I'm out of the studio on location.  I've been using Twisted Wave to record lately.  I just used Out of Hear two weeks ago while I was in Palm Springs for the Indian Wells Tennis Tournament.  


    Frank, to answer your question about the "remote equipment" it gets smaller and smaller all the time.  I still use my MacBook Pro laptop along with the CEntrance MicPort Pro as the interface for my Sennheiser 416 and my Sony headphones.  I have a little collapsable mic stand for the desktop and I bring my stopwatch along. :-)  Incredibly compact.  My buddy Beau Weaver has been using the MacBook Air and he LOVES it.  He tells me his entire remote setup fits in the size of a toiletry kit.  

  • Thanks Joe. Great information! Learning something new everyday.
  • Yeah Out of Hear is reliable and what a friendly guy~
  • Wow, I was just investigating this.  I saw this and now I understand it :-)  Yes, it helps tremendously with all the technology available.
  • Joe...Wonderful video segment...Great info, easy to grasp for old dogs like me....Learning new tricks thanks to you!



  • Hi Joe...yep, we have been using SC for almost 2 years now.  We replaced our ISDN almost immediately once we got it.  We now HIGHLY encourage all VO talent that we work with to get it.  It can often mean the difference between getting the gig or not.  Nice job on the video!
  • Thanks again Joe! Your "Ask Joe" videos are the greatest.
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