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"Source Connect Hook Up"

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  • Very good solution for those of us who cannot afford an ISDN line and Telos equipment as yet. I looked them over about a year or so ago and as stated, bandwidth is a key factor along with the upload speed of my ISP. New times, new tools. Grab a Harlan Hogan Porta-booth and you're set to live a normal ( LOL) life and still do sessions. Don would have liked it.
  • Okay, thanks for the steer.  Anything worse than 128 mp3 clearly won't do!
  • SKYPE is not an ISDN or not even close right. Most people use it simply to have the client direct them. The quality is lower than ISDN, Source Connect, AIF and 128 Kbps mp3
  • Please folks, I too would like the answer to Bob Lange's question and further to Joe's comment:   does anyone know of Skype being used actually to deliver final audio to the client?
  • Okay, great.  Next step, ask Startrax what they charge - :-)  I like them.  They're super nice.
  • Winnie, you're misunderstanding what I'm saying.  I'm saying, if you are willing to pay for the use of StarTrax (or any other ISDN studio) then you certainly can answer YES to the question on those websites asking "do you have ISDN?"  It doesn't matter if you own an ISDN box or even have it in your home studio, if you are willing (and you should be) to book a studio with ISDN for sessions, you should also benefit from the ability to read on auditions that would only come to you if you answer yes to the ISDN question.  


    Bob, I've used Skype and iChat when I'm doing a spot that is not an ISDN if the producer would like to direct me.  It's more common for me to just use my phone patch for this, but the video addition for direction can be fun.  I haven't used Skype for delivering audio that would be used for the finished project.

  • Is the use of Skype increasing? When routed through a sound card the quality is on par with ISDN. I still send finished audio or video via ftp, but as a client direction vehicle it seems pretty cool as they can watch you do the session, and its free.


  • Ahh, no, I don't have access to ISDN via a studio unless I were to go down to Startrax and rent space for them to help me.  I live in NYC.  I work from home and just have what I said.  I don't have a ISDN hook up here.  So if you don't have ISDN in your home, you can use sourceconnect or out of here.
  • Yes, if you have access to ISDN via a studio you could rent when needed, you certainly can answer that question with a "yes!" Especially if it creates more audition opportunities for you.
  • Here's a question, on voice123 or etc, they ask if you have ISDN.  I could say 'yes' and then use/rent source connect for the day thereby making me eligible for the audition???  If you say you don't have it, they don't send you those auditions as you are not fitting the description.
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