ASK JOE Week 5

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This the first VIDEO "ASK JOE"

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  • Awesome Joe...thx
  • Hi Joe,
    I just had 3 auditions for an MTV like voice that introduces music on a cable on demand channel. I'm not sure what genre this would be. Would this be considered part of the promo genre? It's kinda like a VJ role.
  • Your idea of doing the video is brilliant! It takes what you have to share to an entirely new level, and I know the extra effort is much appreciated. Also, thanks for mentioning my book. I look forward to meeting in LA at VOICE 2008.
  • Hey Joe.. If you haven't already.. how about vid where you spotlight the equipment you've got in that rack next to you.. I fell in love with that mixer of yours you used in one of your vids on your site.
  • Wonderful video, Joe. How generous of you, as usual, to take the time to share your wealth of knowledge about the biz. You are a born teacher. Thank you again for all that you do.
  • Definately we can use the teaching! Very enjoyable. I am actually taking care of patients tonight, dreaming of when I can do VO full time!

  • Ahhhh, Joe,
    Ever on the cutting edge... Your video delivery is a great idea and just so perfect for those of us in need of this kind of information. I look forward to more of these "Ask Joe" video moments.
    Until then, I think I'll grab a little vino myself and listen again!

    Cheers mate,

  • Joe, thanks so much for taking the time to do videos and answer questions. Good stuff!!

    I look forward to meeting you at VOICE 2008. Caryn
  • Joe, you are a true mentor. So open to giving and sharing your expertise! I loved the video. Friday evening after a busy week - a glass of merlot while listening to Joe.......I could get used to this!

    Would love to see the new studio and learn all the details that go into a top notch, professional home studio. (especially how the booth is designed and implemented)

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