Ask Joe #16 - Agents and Building a Studio

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  • Joe,

    Great new studio...but where are all the WIRES like the rest of us have??  Hang a few around to make us feel comfortable....

    Was wondering what kind of pop filter you have.  Nice and small...most out there are about 6 - 8" taking into a DISH.

    Many thanks,  Jerry Pelletier

  • Hi Joe,
    Enjoy hearing you. Thanks for your expert input and for taking time to help others. "Ask Joe" is great!
  • Nice studio Joe!!! Thank you for taking the time to create this (and other) videos... good stuff!!! You're losing your tan though... better get outside and swing that racket/golf club!!! :) Caryn
  • LOL...thanks Karen (and Jeff and CJ and Izaki and Brent and Jonathan and James and Dave and Dan and Trey) phew...that was like looking through the magic mirror on romper room.

    Karen, I recommend you contact George Whittam here on VU. He knows all there is to know about Source Connect. You can hire him as a tech coach. He has great rates and he knows his stuff.
  • Joe,

    I'm still impressed by the "ask JOE" episode in which you showed us that you cut a few lines in the back of your car. WOW. I would love to be that mobile. I pretty much am. I live in the country and I was able to get a Sprint Wireless Card for my internet and I love IT! Now Source-Connect is my next piece to add to the studio. Can you recommend a good resource so I might study up on all the info regarding it and it's uses?
    I feel like I'm getting close to the point in which I will need it and I want to be ready.

    Some day I hope to be a big leaguer like you. I am very much like you in the way that I like to share my knowledge with others. Thanks for all your help and advice. Your really a cool guy to hang out with, even if it's only online.

  • Thanks Joe! Greetings from down the road in San Diego!
  • What a guy! Joe thanks for letting us at VO Universe look through a (virtual) Hole In the Wall!
  • Very informative video, good advices for new talents like us.
  • Enjoyed the vid, nice to see a pro in action. Amazing how cheap my studio was, cut corners but the end result is a totally dead room. More than willing to offer up advice to any talents on a budget!
  • Great studio, and nice sessions! Thanks for sharing, Joe. A very inspiring glimpse into your VO slice of heaven. All the best to you!
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