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A LIVE Fox ISDN Session and Joe does LIVE VO from the backseat of a car

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  • The new studio is looking great! It's amazing to see the skill of an experienced pro (I have a lot to learn!).
  • Beautiful studio Joe, and great job George; and cannot believe the back seat recording! How superb a time are we living in?
  • I know Joe is a dedicated VO professional as I am but I've got better things to do in the backseat of a car :) Great vid!
  • Hi Joe, Great little clip, keep them coming. Can't wait to see the finished studio.

  • Myron,

    I can tell you right now, no processing is needed for network television (from the talent). The mic into the preamp, and the net work engineers do the sweetening on the their end if needed.

    Through trial & error, and learning first hand from Joe... processing is a NO go for VO. What you use for radio imaging us a totally different ball game, because most radio station production guys aren't professional sound engineers.
  • Looks like "Joy Riding" for sure gents.....What interfaces are you cats using+ any mic chain at all for the ride?
  • Hi Joe

    Ya new studio appears like it's gonna look and sound sweet mate. I can say too that I recorded a session with my Telsta-Turbo modem from my car also using Pro tools LE8 and a Sennheiser 416 mic. I found that my new car has such a sealed and dead sound, it's better than the booth at work.

    Will share your latest "ASK JOE #14" with friends and fellow colleagues.

    Cheers buddy

    Gazza :-O

    PS: I recorded my session in the front seat while driving at 100 km/h... (Jesting) But seriously, it was done in the front seat at least :-)
  • So great to see your new studio taking shape, Joe! George is amazing and incredibly knowledgeable about all things audio! Zurek, I enjoyed seeing your mobile set-up as well! Thanks for video posting, you two!

    Take care,
  • great stuff what mic did you use in the car?
  • Cool stuff! Thanks for posting!
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