America's Got Talent Demo Brad Dassey Best Radio Voice Talent

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Demo audition for America's Got Talent. Voice talent, Brad Dassey, best radio voice for radio commercial ads

Wish me l...

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  • Thank you, Mike.  I appreciate your comment.  I hope all is well with you and your family.  ;-)
  • Brad -

    Nice work.


    Mike Patrick

  • @ Pam.




    Feel free to add me on Facebook if you'd like.  Anyone really.


    Blessings to you ALL for the wonderful comments.  It keeps us hard working American's going!  ;-)

  • Hey Brad,

    Awesome voice. You're the first guy I've seen voice without a copy stand. Not a bad idea. Keeps the throat open as you look up. Might try that this week. Sounds really good. Break a leg!

  • Cool
  • Sounds good!!  Nice work Brad.  :)
  • Good job Brad
  • Thank you guys!  I hope to make it big someday in the world of Voice Over.  I have huge plans to make the World a better place.


    Feel free to visit my personal website:


    In my prayers,

    Brad Dassey

  • Brad,


    Clever copy, great read!

  • YOU GO BRAD!!!!
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