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Randy Thomas is one of the most recognizable voices in America. As the first woman in history to announce The Oscars, The EMMY Awards, The Tony Awards, AFI, The SAG Awards, The Miss America Pageant...You hear Randy every day on Entertainment Tonight.

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  • What a delight it was for me to spend a few minutes watching this piece.

  • Thank you for continuing to inspire me on my journey into the world of voiceovers. I admire your talent and your willingness to help those of us trying to acquire even a fraction of the skills you possess through pieces such as this, our own personal skype, and your exceptional book.

  • Congratulations Randy! I am honored to be able to call her "mentor", "example", and "friend"!! She continues to inspire both women AND men V.O aspirants with her own VO journey!

  • I worked at a Los Angeles radio station shortly after Randy's departure.  She is truly an inspiration for women in the industry.  Way to go Randy!

  • Wow! Randy I loved the piece from American Profiles. I have  been down lately  because I am not where i want to be in my journey to become a professional voice-over artist so hearing about your journey has lifted my spirits. Thanks again for sharing your story! 

  • What a great profile piece, you are a true inspiration.. and my new hero.. 

  • What a wonderful, appealing talent you are...!Thanks for sharing your experience and having the courage to forge a path for other women to follow.

  • Thank you for breaking through the glass ceiling for the rest of us women in VO. You are truly an inspiration Randy!

  • Compelling, warm, exciting--Randy, you are an exceptional talent! Really enjoyed the Profiles piece.


  • I can testify that Randy is also one the most generous voice actors that I know!  She recently volunteered an hour and forty-five minutes of her time to Skype my first all-female voiceover boot camp class.  My students got to interview her, and then to my surprise, Randy had them read copy and shared some priceless direction and advice that I know they'll never forget for the rest of their careers!  She is truly "The Choice Voice!"  Way to go Randy!!!!

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