Aaron Nixon- Impressions Vol. I

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A prime example of why TV should be watched in moderation. I'm currently working on a career in voice over so hey, at least all those TV viewing hours to good use. Enjoy!Gollum -- Lord Of The RingsDon KnottsArnold SchwarzeneggerPeter Griffin -- Family GuyStewie Griffin -- Family GuyCleveland Brown -- Family GuyGreased Up Deaf Guy -- Family GuyMort Goldman -- Family GuyMr. Howel -- Gilligan's IslandKermit -- The Muppet ShowDr. Strangelove -- Dr. StrangeloveBullwinkle - Rocky And BullwinkleSimon Bar Sinister -- The Underdog ShowDing-A-Ling -- Hanna BarberaTom Brokaw -- NBC NewsTattoo -- Fantasy IslandBrock Sampson -- The Venture Bros.Dean Venture -- The Venture BrosHank Venture -- The Venture BrosNumber 24 -- The Venture BrosDr. Girlfriend -- The Venture BrosThe Monarch -- The Venture BrosPeter LorreCobra Commander -- GI JoeMum-Ra, Snarf -- The ThundercatsSnarf -- The ThurdercatsDr. Claw -- Inspector GadgetKrang -- Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesHulle Howser -- California's GoldGlenn Danzig -- Danzig, The MisfitsNathan Explosion -- MetalocalypseToki Wartooth -- MetalocalypseSkwizgar Swigelf -- MetalocalypseMurderface -- MetalocalypseElmo -- Sesame StreetRocko -- Rocko's Modern LifeSolid Snake -- Metal Gear SolidEd Elric -- Full Metal AlchemistPiccalo -- Dragonball ZButters -- South ParkSpanky Ham -- Drawn TogetherTom Leykis -- The Tom Leykis ShowCarl -- Aqua Teen Hunger ForceMaster Shake -- Aqua Teen Hunger ForceMeatwad -- Aqua Teen Hunger ForceHomestar Runner -- Homestar RunnerStrong Bad -- Homestar Runner

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  • Hi Aaron wishing you the very best, Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy. Best Regards
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