A Tribute to Don - by joan baker

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Narrated by: Joan Baker, written by Rudy Gaskins and filmed by Tim Wilkerson.

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  • Of course I "knew" Don as the God of Voice Over. I had hoped one day to meet Don as I work in this wonderful world of voice over. That, of course will not happen now...but what did happen that is magical, is that when I joind Voiceover Universe, I sent a message to Don & he responded! Being new to Voice Universe, I did not know that he was so ill at the time, yet he was gracious enough to take the time to respond
    to someone he had yet to meet. I will cherich that always.
    One of my voice over mentors praised Don to the high heavens...Now I know why.
    Joan Baker..Your tribute is very touching. Thank you & Rick for sharing.
  • Thanks, Rick, for sharing this very special tribute. For those of us who were not fortunate enough to have known Don personally, this gave valuable insight into an incredibly gifted and generous man. I am certain he is doing his very best and entertaining the large audience of those who have passed before, as the soul lives on.....as does the legend.
  • I just watched a "tribute to Don"

    WOW! I never knew Don personally. Only that he set the standard and was amazing to listen to. Watching the tribute really makes me want to strive for the best and carry on that spirit and legacy that Don has left to ALL OF US.

    What does the Voice of God sound Like? Anything like yours? I'd like to think so.

    God Bless You Don
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