A tour of my Voiceover Studio

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A brief tour of my new ISDN voiceover booth and studio

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  • Always great to see how other folks work. Thanks for sharing, Darren.
  • Awesome stuff for a total newbie like me. My plan for the week is to get business cards, hire somebody to do my web site, and find a place to make a demo. 




  • Darren,


    Just watched the video. Thanks! It was great. I need some sort of booth where I am. On your editing desk outside the booth, are those Alesis monitors I'm seeing?





  • Frank, my guy charged me £1500 ($2,345) to build the booth, ex-cluding materials. It's made with a wooden frame, then plaster-baord, then compressed rockwool. An airgap, then hanging Tecsound T50, which is a heavy acoustic mineral, another airgap, then hanging underlay, a final gap, then the blue curtain. All these layers are also in the floor and ceiling.


    I got the basic structure from an article on the  Sound On Sound website. They said that in order to minimise outside noise, it's imperative to have several air gaps/layers factored in, hence the rockwool, T50, underlay and curtain.

  • Great looking set up Darren, well done.
  • Well done! Looks great. You need some decorative spiff, though :)
  • It's pretty exciting to me.  Darren, what is the treatment in the booth and if you're willing to share, what was the approximate cost?
  • Stefan. 1) I have only had this studio up and running since March, so it's new to me! 2) I never said it was exciting. I'm just sharing my set up with my colleagues. People may or may not be interested.
  • GEE - that was a rude stupid and rather foreign comment, wasn't it. . .  Hmmmm - you know how it is Stefan, sometimes you just have to share your "new bike" with your friends . . .  and (by the way) it's a lovely bike!  Aloha! Tito gray - voice guy - - www.graysvoice.com
  • Please excuse me for being a rude stupid foreigner...but what is so new and exciting about this...really?

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