5 Jons in a Limo

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A parody of the late, great Don LaFontaine's "5 Guys in a Limo" video. Impressions of five of the top voiceover artists (that I can do) in the coun...

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  • Well, Mitch, this was recorded with a camera-camera not a video camera so the quality isn't as nice as I would have liked. I couldn't find my video camera before we left. :)
  • The ambient noise was very well done. Couldn't tell your version of background noise from the original. 8-)
  • Wow! You lucky duck! I never had the privilege of meeting him before he passed. But I get BOMBARDED with STORY after STORY of friends and fans who were lucky enough to get recordings from him for intros and school projects, etc. Even my manager has a great story about being cursed out by Don (which took a lot because he was such a nice guy) while working on the movie trailer for "Orgazmo!" LOL!
  • Jon, I appreciate your "giving back" comment--and that you are continuing something that was so much a part of Don's generous nature. I personally can attest to one of those favors from Don in that he graciously recorded the intro to my demos. (www.provoiceone.com)

    Thanks Jon, I look forward to watching your career flourish even more over the years.

    All the best to you,


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  • Haha, thanks, Jerry. Don was extremely inspirational in me getting into VO as a career. He was not only tremendously talented and funny, as well as a superstar, but he was just a great, down-to-earth human being. That's why I rarely turn away voice "favors" from "fans" on the internet/voicemails, etc. I know Don would have done them.
  • So very much miss Don, but I believe he would enjoy your parody, Jon. Really nice work. Spot on, especially with with Ashton, Cullen,  . . . well, shucks--all of 'em!
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