2011 Chrysler Super Bowl Commercial

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Kevin Yon brings this commercial to life.

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  • Ha haa.....a few minutes ago I got a comment notification email from VU about Zurek's post below, immediately followed by another inviting me to join a "Chrysler Voice Guy Sound Alike" project.

    How much ya wanna bet the pay's not as good as the original....and that I won't sound like or as good as Kevin Yon...and that I will therefore take a pass?  ; ) 

  • Scott,


    That's what Voiceover Universe is :)

  • Kevin Yon: what a much-travelled voice this guy has. A voice that has seen it all. A voice with wrinkles and scars and depth. Terrific read and a great storyteller!
  • Don'cha wish there was an IMDB for voiceover?  It'd be great to review our colleagues' resumes, and listen in on a few other clips...


    Grand job, Kevin!

  • I actually auditioned for this spot not knowing exactly how it was going to be used and I must say they picked the right guy. Kevin nails it. Also VERY happy it went to a Michigan talent.
  • I absolutely love this commercial. Really made me sit up and notice when it aired. Glad to know the voice behind it.
  • Great VO by Kevin. Finally, a Superbowl commercial with a soul...
  • My favorite Superbowl commercial, by far and away! Thanks for sharing, Zurek!
  • Great Ad!  Executed well without being overly cheesy.  Kevin's VO performance was fantastic.  Had just the right amount of attitude without coming off as a jerk.  Thanks for sharing Zurek!
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