14 yr old Jake Foushee and His Amazing Voice on Ellen!

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He's only 14-years-old, but Jake Foushee is ready for the voiceover big leagues! After his YouTube video went viral, Ellen brought him to the show to meet him and hear his unreal announcer voice. Note: Puts me in mind of the talented Jon Bailey.

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  • Awesome for Jake!!

  • Oh Ellen... please have me on your show and get me an awesome agent!

    Great for Jake!!!

  • Wow.
  • The newly famous pipes of one Jake Foushee, as seen on Good Morning America and Ellen and computer monitors everywhere, has just been offered representation with one of the most prestigious voice-over agencies in New York City and represented by one of the most amazing voice-over talent agents ever.

    Imagine. A fourteen year old boy who wants nothing more than to be a professional voice actor and follow in the steps of his hero, Don LaFontaine, was handed the opportunity of a lifetime on a silver platter...a career start at Abrams Artists Agency. It's all the more reason to upload your demos and create videos to showcase your talent to the online world.

    Read the full article here: Jake Foushee Represented By Abrams Artists Agency

  • Good luck Jake!!

  • Good for him. Gotta love it when good happens.

  • I gotta get on Ellen!
  • Man - if I had known all it takes is a youtube video to get into Abrams, I would have saved a couple grand on all these demos.  ;)  

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