14 yr old Jake Foushee and His Amazing Voice on Ellen!

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He's only 14-years-old, but Jake Foushee is ready for the voiceover big leagues! After his YouTube video went viral, Ellen brought him to the show to meet him and hear his unreal announcer voice. Note: Puts me in mind of the talented Jon Bailey.

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  • Jake actually contacted me before he became an internet sensation asking for advice. I recently emailed him regarding a parody of his video I am planning on doing and I wanted to share his reply:

    "That actually was me contacting you! You were one of the reasons i started doing voice overs!"

    I think it's really cool that being blessed so much in my own VO career has inspired others... now, if I could just get a viral video. :D

  • Whoop there it is!

  • I'm sure, once the moment has passed, I will be happy for Jake and his outstanding talent.  For the next few minutes, however, I believe I will indulge in some outright jealousy.

  • When I first heard of Jake's story and his dream .. it reminded me of my own passions to use my voice... in my case it was 30 years ago.. I was  around the same age he is now, there was no internet.. and certainly no "YouTube"... my efforts were expressed by verbally articulating snippets in the newspaper... the labels off shampoo bottles, household cleaners and anything else in my best style.. mimicking what I heard on TV and on radio, etc.. It took me thirty years to be able to really start to step out toward my own dream, and I am humbled that (like Jake) I have had some very respected people step alongside me and encourage me as I begin my "journey"...  not signed to a top level VO agency "yet", but maybe soon, right?

    I know that I am not the only one that has been chasing a passion.. a dream... we all are here (I would expect) because of our passion to use our voice... Like Ted Williams' story.. it would be easy for those of us  who have been "fighting" for years to have maybe a touch of disheartedness or even jealousy that "lightning has struck" this young man, and you may still be feeling "aloof in the dark"..  Don't give up.. Don't give in!...As Ellen voices as the "Dory character in "Nemo"... "Just Keep Swimming!"

    A last thought.. there was a comment I have seen on this board by someone who actually suggested that Don La Fontaine's profile be removed from VU... a response came from his great friend and associate Paul Pape, that Don was still encouraging.. still motivating.. still setting an example.. even after his earthly life has ended... This proves it.. Jake Foushee would have been arounn 9 years old when Mr. LaFontaine passed... and he, like so many of us.. look to Don's example as something to aspire to.. Thank you again DLF! Your inspiration of others out there proves that you are still " with us"!

    Make today a great one everyone!

  • Funny that it works the same way on youtube if you're 60 and sound like a 14 year old.   I'm just sayin'  LOL

  • Its great to see someone start living their dream so early in life
  • Congrats Jake! Now this is a story that we can all be proud of!

  • This is truly the next Don LaFontaine for our generation. Good luck Jake, you have been given a gift, use it well!

  • Jake has a great voice! Great Job!

  • What a natural! This lad is born to VO! Good on you, mate. Best of luck.

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