100 Voices on a Plane

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100 Voices in 1 take... some impressions, some character. Special Edition with names and an actual trailer coming soon! I was dared by friends to make a response to a popular YouTube fad of doing 100 voices in so-many-minutes.Written and Performed by Jon BaileyREAD JON'S GOLDEN GLOBE BLOG HERE

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  • @ Mark - yeah, I had it written out with the name next to the line so I wouldn't mess it up.
  • Fantastic. 6 minutes of smiles.

  • Ha! Great job. I am impressed. Did you use a cue card with character names in order to keep track, or was it totally off the cuff?

  • Very nice!

  • Amazing!

  • Very very cool Jon.

  • @ Jeremy - Thanks so much... from all of us!

  • Dissociative Identity Disorder at it's finest.  You make me proud Jon (me too).

  • Great job! What a range!
  • thanks, guys! it was a lot trickier than i thought to squeeze 100 voices in a row that fast but i pulled it off. this was a response to a few dares from some friends as a response to these 100-voice-videos on YouTube. i am a firm believer that there is a huge difference from doing a bunch of character impressions' catch phrases than actually talking in those characters' voices. so i wrote a unique script. i'm also disappointed that the majority of voices in these 100-voices-videos are all Simpsons and Family Guy characters. i understand doing a few but almost all of the voices from only two shows? i wonder if they realize that most of those voices are all done by the same few people rather than being a bunch of individuals' character voices. :D

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