My Son and Grandson, Zurek Jr and Zurek III.

I thought I'd share this rare shot of my son and grand at work.

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  • Zurek, amazing shot. You should be very proud, and I will echo the sentimient; How OLD are you? Boy, I'll have what your're having! 

  • How many talented handsome hunks can you have under one roof? Great shot, Z! :-)

  • So beautiful Zurek

    We have yet even more in common - I too have grandkids - I ONLY wish to have a pic of my daughter and one of my grandkids at the mic - so adorable.  They must admire you so much to be already following in your footsteps.  Congratulations 

    Thank you for sharing with me.  

    All my best

  • So sweet! What a beautiful family you have Zurek!  Smart too - I see a humidifier in the back-ground.

  • What a great picture!

    However, I agree with the majority. You do not look old enough to be a daddy-let alone a grand


    Have a fun weekend.




  • Wow!  He's already a great voice actor, I see he's using his hands!!!  Got him signed yet?  Thanks for sharing, you must be really proud of both of them.

  • Looks like a great future for the family business! But I'm with DC on the age thing... looks like you must've been an early-teens daddy. Congratulations.

  • Now that's a beautiful shot!!!  How amazing and wonderful to see the upcoming generations...and possibly following in your footsteps, too. Proud Dad/Grandad? No doubt about it. Y'know, I agree with DC appears you've located the Fountain of Youth, Zurek.

  • Aw, how precious! 

  • The next VO generation . . . so cute! Thanks for sharing, Scott


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