On the set with Bettye Zoller

My TV show in Switzerland. I worked there in October 2007. I'll be back in Europe working in December 2008, this time in Germany and Austria! Christmas in Vienna. OH WOW

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  • Yes. It was freezing outside and on the set. I had on heavy wool suit jacket and scarf around neck. But this pix was taken just when I was getting up to leave the set and other folks were coming in and my son was there and I urged him to take the shot quickly cause I so wanted it to keep. Had we had more time, I would have taken off the scarf and jacket and gotten a few different "looks" on the pretty set but darn it, this pix was taken quickly and the people there were rushing us to get out!
  • Nice. Was it cold in there?? lol. I recently attended my 3rd Letterman taping. It seems to get colder each time on that set.
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