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  • I can very strongly recommend this book!

    Perfect for the novice with an iPhone or iPad who wants to do awesome auditions from home. 

    Erik iVoiceOver
  • THE ART OF VOICE ACTING is truly the VO bible – the degree of detail, the clear and uncluttered writing style, the holistic view of the business. But the one key point that Jim’s book left with me is the depth of thinking that is required before the speaking. To concentrate deeply to conjure up tangible understanding of that audience of one is the best lesson of all. Thank you James.
  • THE ART OF VOICE ACTING --- Is a GREAT book! It is the first book I purchased when exploring this vast world of VO-- I carry it everywhere I go...( Jim -It's falling apart now I think I need a new one-maybe autographed one? ;-) ) -- This should be an addition to everyone's library...many topics covered and lots of information shared to help hone your skills, especially with the enclosed CD --- like I said it should be a part of everyone's library-- to be the best we need to look at all aspects of VO from every angle of study....
  • THE ART OF VOICE ACTING- Is a concise book on honing ones skills as an actor. Finding the character in the copy. The Art of Voice Acting is a good read and most importantly an excellent resource to continually refer to in your library.
  • All great favorite...ALL! Feed the need! Knowledge IS power! Thanks to ALL.
  • i have a personal relationship with VOICE FOR HIRE,YOU CAN BANK ON YOUR VOICE,SECRETS TO VOICE OVER SUCCESS,THE ART OF VOICEACTING.we hang out on the daily.they have influenced me greatly.i love them each for their individuality,what they each bring to the table.KNOWLEDGE
  • I think (for us that have been in the wheel forever **or even for a while** STEP UP TO THE MIC - Rodney Saulsberry is a GREAT read. Inspirational. Probably not the best book for the it isn't designed for the beginner. However if you ARE a beginner...I also recommend YOU CAN BANK ON YOUR VOICE...also by Rodney. I use STEP UP as one of my KEY motivational resources!
  • Agree ....

  • VOICE FOR HIRE: Launch and Maintain a Lucrative Career in Voice-Overs
    by Randy Thomas and Peter Rofe

    Many of you might know that I've worked with both Randy and Peter, and Randy's been my mentor for a while now. I can't say enough good things about them!!

    And, you might know that I had the privilege of helping to copyedit the book over the past two to three years.

    All of this is to say... you might think my opinion is a tad biased.

    Despite my bias, you have to admit that Randy and Peter are two of the most knowledgeable voice over talent in the biz.

    We can all probably attest that voice-over is our DREAM JOB... isn't great to be your own boss? Voice for Hire is a must read for vo talent - no matter the level. I think everyone will glean something from the book. The behind the scenes look at The Oscars is captivating to say the least, and the overall knowledge both Peter and Randy share about the industry is right on!

  • VOICE FOR HIRE ... By Randy Thomas & Peter Rolfe ....

    "Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, I cannot recommend highly enough Voice For Hire by Randy Thomas and Peter Rolfe. This invaluable read addresses every subject you need to know and more about the world of voice overs. I continue to utilize this book as my personal study guide and refer to it on a consistant basis. Clearly, Randy and Peter's sound advice and expertise will bring your game to the next level."

    David Marc

    TGMD, Los Angeles
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