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  • Just like my Dear Mum always used to say if the Voice fits your in mate!!!

  • Hello Everybody...just thought I would throw my hat into the ring. 25 International years as a Broadcaster/Voice Over Talent and Singer Songwriter has turned me into a multi personality nut case......But I love doing voices. From Cool Corporate to Zany Animation.....just love it!!!!  Voice Faktory check me out!!

  • Hi guys...just dropped in from down-under to introduce myself.

    If you need a non-specific transatlantic read, I'm your man.

  • And here I am , a professional brazilian (portuguese) voice talent at VU!

    Let's enjoy our skills  giving voice to the world !

  • Whoo hoo! I'm officially part of the VO Universe familia!

  • To all my fellow VO artists, please check out my motivational posters at! These are posters Ive created specifically for people in the VO, acting and music business using some great photos and artwork of microphones and similar images. Additionally they are based on personal inspirational quotes from some of the top VO talent and coaches in the business! They look great framed and hanging on the walls of your studio or office!

  • Voice Work Alert! 
    Are you Female? American? with Home Studio? 

    We're looking for demo submissions. Email:

    Product: RoamMax

    Project Type: Website Narration for animated video (Non Broadcast)

    Word Count: 88 words / 30 sec promo

    VO Budget: €100 (inc VAT)

    Deadline: 10am 11th October 2011

    VO: Amercian Female VO

    VO Style: Friendly, Upbeat & Positive. 

    The premise is the explanation of a prepaid global roaming SIM card, slip it in your mobile phone, take it on holidays or business trip, save lots of cash, no more shock bills when you return, easy peasy! 

    Copy for Demo Submission:

    When you return home from your business trip or family vacation, do you dread seeing those expensive roaming bills?

    [SFX – Scream]

    With a RoamMax prepaid SIM card, those nasty roaming charges are a thing of the past.
    Just pop it in your phone and you’re all set for voice and data roaming in over 200 countries.

    So, whether you’re calling the office or keeping in touch with your friends, RoamMax gives you the freedom to roam the world for less.

    See how much you can save and get one today!
  • If you want a very cheap way to sell your various noises, I suggest your very own You Tube channel. the price? FREE! in a world where everyone has their hand out, it's a no brainer if you don't want to spend website money yet. Here's mine:

    about 3000 people a day check it.


  • Check my demos on profile or on my website

    Extremely professional. Fully bilingual.Full Spanish. English with latin accent and neutral.

    Rigged with a great studio. PT HD 1. Avalon AD2022, Neumman U87.


  • If anyone needs a character voice actor, don't hesitate to email me at: I've been working on some new impersonations. :)
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