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    I offer variety in voicing that provides the heart and soul of distinction. I know how to leverage the power of sound to persuade, motivate, educate, soothe and sell with over a decade of media and advertising experience.


    My studio equipment includes a Rode NT1-A condenser microphone and Pro Tools software.


    Just ask, and I'll answer with timeliness, flexibility and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Call your audience to action with the voice of Troy Klein today! Visit

  • Is Voice 123 a good service for VO professionals to pay for?  I've heard and read mixed reviews.
  • Just wanted to let you all know that I have some demos up. If you would like go check them out along with my profile.
  • Happy Friday everyone! We are looking for a professional Turkish voice over with a studio if they are not based in Ireland. Please contact us by either calling 353 01 685 2267 or emailing us at


  • @markham...beware...sometimes agents want you to split a %age with them even if you book the work and land the gig.  u have to be ok with if they negotiate the deal for you, it may be worth splitting bc. but prob is ....if u land the gig,sometimes the person hiring doesn't want to be handed off to an agent and would rather deal w the talent direct.
  • @Markham . best place to start would be  or the aftra webpages. even if you are not union, you can find the "sag franchised" agents in your local area or all over and browse the codes to see who takes non-union talent... check exclusivity rights in your area... some agents are non exclusive (meaning you can sign w as many as  u want) & some are exclusive in a certain area.


    hope this helps... that will be $25 please ;)

  • Hi Everyone!

    Experienced IRISH VO available for St. Patrick's Day spots.

    Check out or


  • New here and so far nobody seems to want to give any real advice on getting an agent, etc. So, I'll try to offer some cash and maybe I can get a response??!! LOL

    Need a female VO saying the following IN A BRITISH ACCENT: "Markham Anderson, voice over artist!"



    Markham (281) 513-6580

  • Am looking for "sage advice" on getting representation this year.

    Thanks guys and gals


  • Happy New Year!
    We require Danish Male and Female Voice Overs for an E-learning project.
    If interested, Please contact me at
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