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  • Looking for a near Vin Scully impression.

    This is not low budget or a student film.

    Must be local to LA! (Sorry no ISDN, director wants to choose talent in person)

    This is a HURRY UP deal!

    Must be SAG - One Day Rate

    Need 3 people, director will choose one.

    Please email me if interested and I will get you a sample script and audio

    Need ASAP!!!

  • Hello all,

    I'm looking for Spanish (Spain) voice talents to narrate a DVD with school material.

    Volume: around 50.000 words. For more info:


  • We are a Web video producer with a strong interest in promoting the use of voice-over and sound design in Web presentations. It has been a battle to get clients to understand the value and impact of v-o and sound design but we keep trying.

    To that end we are instituting a new product based on what is referred to in the industry as Kinetic Typography. You have probably seen examples of this technique on YouTube where motion designers take famous movie monologues and animate the script with text. This technique is also becoming popular for TV commercials (re Denis Leary truck commercials).

    We have created three 60 second monologues in the style of Al Pacino in "The Devil's Advocate" and are looking for a voice-over actor to perform. Here is a link to the Pacino version:

    The project is a self-promotion so it doesn't pay much but if anyone out there is interested please contact me and I can provide the details. A sample audition would be required. If this is successful we have plans to do a whole series of these presentations in the style of Christopher Walken (Pulp Fiction), Brad Pit (12 Monkeys), Peter Finch (Network).


    Jerry Bader
  • Looking for male and female voice talents (US and UK English) to expand our voice over talent roster. Must have own studio and be able to deliver audio files within 1-3 business days.
    Please send a compilation mp3 demo - encoded at 96 Kbps mono (not exceeding 2MB) to

    Thank you!
  • Looking for a Male and Female African American VOs for a local club in El Paso, TX.
    Both voices must have the GEN Y sound, FEMALE must be sexy and energetic and MALE must sound like a party boy 30 or younger. (no deep voice please!)

    This is a little Emergency Spot / Low budget and needs to be produced during Tuesday morning =/ To show appreciation we'll send the payment next day by PayPal. FEMALE: $75 MALE: $50

    Script for reference and casting:
    (you can change anything you want for the casting)

    Female: Hey big boys of El Paso... do you feel like parting and playing early this week?
    Male: hell yeah mamma, you know i am always ready for the action.
    Female: and what if we bring you a club with the best hits from all times of R&B with a little spice of hip hop?
    Male: ooh you just nailed it girl! I’ve been looking for this.

    Female: Then, just come to Black Pearl for Throw Back Thursdays, This and every Thursday and party it up all night with $3 you call it.

    Male: say what? $3 you call it?
    Females: yes big boy... $3 you call it (very sexy)

    Plus all the good tunes of R&B from the 80s and 90s mixed live with the best in hip hop.

    [inset music collage]

    And for all my sexy ladies, the most glamorous place in down town‘s Union Plaza with the best dance floor and stellar light show.

    Female: For reservations call 6-9-4-5-3-3-0.
    Throw Back Thursdays, with our special MC: Poo Heff

    Only at Black Pearl.
    All our military is welcome, ask for your special discount.
    21 and over
    Strict dress code enforced
    Look for the BP sign across the parking garage.
    Send casting or questions to:


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