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  • In the words of Robin Williams from Mrs Doubtfire "I... do... voices" and have plenty of them! I've been integrating a number of them into my standup and have finally starting producing original tracks for my VU playlist. Some of the voices loaded are: Christopher Walken, Marvin the Martian, Mickey Mouse, Yoda and more! Any council or advice would be most helpful and appreciated!
  • I coach on Skype and webcam. Able to take private consults again about Aug 19. Right now teaching at university in New Orleans. Keep in touch. It's my strongpoint, corp narration and I have major clients.
  • Hi, I am looking for some help on improving my VO skills for corporate narrations and other skills.
    Please take a listen to my samples, and let me know if you are able to help me, through Skype, as well as how you charge, thank you!
  • Hi Everyone, I am looking for a voice coach in L.A. that can help break 20 years of bad radio habits? Anyone?
  • Deconstructing Barney Fife


    Here's a brief video on how to break a character voice down to its 6 elements - a skill that helps to create rapid characters and gain versatility and control. How much fun can teaching and learning get?

  • What is a good voice coach for you? A person who knows you and your abilities and takes the time to sort out your strengths and needs. Don't settle for mass cookie cutter classes or schools that run students thru like mice. No contact, no personal care? Run, don't walk away. Who do they teach? The world? Be careful.
  • Anyone know of a good voice coach in the Washington DC area?  Specifically, I am looking to reduce my regional accent, which seems to be very apparent in my voice delivery. Thanks folks!

  • Two enrolless get free demo evals!  Two enrollees in our Animation Webinar May 4 Bob Bergen voice of Porky Pig and me, Bettye Zoller, get free demo evals afterwards. And if you can't be online with us night of May 4 for the webinar, no prob, cause VOICEOVERXTRA sends enrollees complete podast of it afterwards. Join us. Good stuff. Not the same old same old and no hype. Where are the animation jobs outside of LA? How do you connect with those who hire? Much more. Don't miss this.
  • Anyone know of a good coach in Metro Detroit, MI
  • Greetings everyone! I have been asked repeatedly over the years if I could coach newbies, even pro's who felt stuck at their current level. I am offering myself as a coach now, and also will be co-teaching weekend seminars in my home state of Texas in the fall!!! Very excited about that!!!! Call me anytime, 24/7 at (281)513-6580 and we can discuss your needs.

    I am very affordable, thorough, and concise. My niche for fifteen years has been commercial, character, and recently animation for Nickelodeon. Please pick my brain!!!

    Cheers Everyone and Let's All Continue To Pay It Forward!!!!!


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