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  • Happy New Year, Everyone!

    In all these years I've been teaching Voice Acting classes (25 to date) there are a few "constants" that I felt were worth sharing if you are thinking of taking a voice acting class or producing a demo with me, or someone else for that matter. Visit for more information about me and the classes I offer.

    In my experience, people who are new to voice acting/voice over work have many misconceptions about the work, and therefore, can be prey to scam artists with empty promises. The most common misconception is that if you have a great voice, can read and speak English, then you can make a living in voice overs! How hard can it be for crying out loud?! Harder than you think.

    Here is just some of What you should know before you study V-O!


    Proper breathing techniques, vocal warm-ups, elocution exercises, body placement, copy interpretation skills, how to train you "ear", voice maintenance, home work exercises, studio/business etiquette, other resources for learning and everything in-between toward expanding your voice acting repertoire for a wide variety of "reads". Where marketing is concerned, you should learn the best marketing practices for your region. There are subtle differences in the way that artists in large markets like New York, Los Angeles & Chicago do things from the way artists in smaller markets like Ohio, PA & Michigan do things when it comes to agency representation, self marketing, home studios, websites and demo production. That's just the tip of the iceberg. If you are new to this work, a group class will offer much more than private coaching and it is much more affordable.

    1. Any voice over training that is offered by phone! I don't mean telecasts or other media classes that only disseminate information. I mean sessions where you are reading copy and getting feedback from an instructor. They are out there. There are a dozen reasons why this is a bad idea, but mostly because a good instructor needs to see and correct how you breathe, use your body and facial muscles, while you work. Tension is the death of voice work. If I can't see it, I can't correct it.

    2. Any Voice Over school visiting your town for 1 day, telling you that you have a great voice and can earn a living with only a few weeks of training. After that 1 day introductory class, you will have to get the rest of your training out of town and/or over the phone! They charge thousands of dollars which includes a full length demo that can't possibly compete in the real world with so little training. Not to mention that these demos entirely too long and contain little to no production sweetening (sound affects and music). I've heard these demos from students who come to my class after an agent told them that their demo won't cut it. This is no way for the novice voice actor to train.

    Your demo is your calling card to the world. It tells producers that this is the very best you can do. You should never produce a demo until you have learned and practiced what the pros know about being a voice over artist. How long do you suppose they spent training? I can assure you, it was not just a few weeks and they didn't spend thousands of dollars to produce their demo.

    A demo produced by any reputable producer in Cleveland or Pittsburgh should cost you no more than $600-$800. With" target="_blank">Find Your Voice, that fee includes between 4-6 hours of preparation, rehearsal, recording session and post production revisions. If you take the time to do it right, know one will ever know that you are a newbie and you won't have to revise your demo for a few years.

    3. Beware of an instructor who has only ever been a
  • I need to make a narration and audio book demo. Can you recommend a coach and studio in the Portland, OR or Vancouver, B.C. area knowledgeable in this genre?
  • Hey Everybody! Just starting out and wanted to know are there any VO Coaches, training classes or workshops in the Boynton Beach, Florida area? I'm also close to Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Miami, Del Rey Beach, Palm Beach. Thanks1
  • I am looking for VO coaches in the Wisconsin area.
  • I have had a great experience with a coach for commercial VO, and have been looking for someone for voice acting coaching for cartoon, video game work and the like. Looks like Lani isn't offering coaching at this time. Does anyone know of a good voice coach for voice acting? I want to learn the ins and outs to improve voice acting and end with a killed demo.

    I'm in Houston.
  • In addition to teaching a radio internet course at the School of Visual Arts, I coach voice over talent individually and will be teaching a voice over class in a school beginning in January.
  • Just thought I'd let you know that MYVOCOACH is having a PROMO VOICEOVER workshop on SATURDAY OCTOBER 10th from 10am-5pm... Don't miss it!! Go to or call 530-50VOICE.

    This class is HIGHLY recommended if you're at all serious about learning what it takes to work at the "primetime" level of promo voiceover! In fact, here's what a few of the VO Pros say about MyVOCoach...

    "The VO coach to the best in the biz BY the best in the biz!!!" - JIM TASKER

    "...if you're looking to move your Promo VO to Primetime, I encourage you to check out the MyVOCoach Promo Intensive workshop..." - JOE CIPRIANO

    “MyVOCoach is one of those rare guys that somehow puts you at ease immediately, and is able to get you to peak performance level very quickly. He's the Zen master in the garden of VO. If you're considering a workshop with David or one-on-one coaching, I'd say DO it.” - STEW HERRERA
  • I've had a couple workshops and a recent demo evaluation and retooling with Pat Fraley, and I can't recommend him enough. Booked work directly after both workshops by applying principles that he worked with us on. Highly recommended.
  • It's Newbie's Night again at the Dallas Voice Acting Meet Up Group. Go to for all the details. Join this dynamic group and learn all about this wonderful industry from the ground floor These events fill super fast, so please sign up for the waiting list! See ya there!
  • hey guys,

    looking for a dialect coach, any help? Bilangual in Swahili and English. Main is Swahili.
    Does not have to be a coach in person, but all is cool.

    Thank you
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