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  • Lisa,. yes there are vo coaches in Detroit area . I went to Tom Force .He's a member here. I highly recommend him.
  • All of my voiceover students are signed with major agents/currently working in the industry as a resul tof studying with me/vo demo production. Website:
    Podcast link:
  • Are there any VO coaches in the Detroit, MI area?

  • I had a very good time recording my first VO demo with Keith Alan in Tampa at his 57thstreetmedia studio.I was comfortable and surprised myself. Being 65 and finding out I could still evoke the "actor's sense of drama,comedy and,of course,the famous "etcetera" mode,with Keith, was a major kick! I am curious,though,to know of any other talented VO gurus who might be lurking about in this Tampa Bay Area. Alo? Alo?
  • I'm really only doing limited access VO retreats and Career Overhauls and makeovers. I still have my curriculums for the Leapfrog Technique and Career Study for the beginners, but really I'm focusing on those who have hit the plateau. Ah, the Plateau......
    Just call me for micro-surgery... that's what most do...
  • YAY !
    Marla Kirban!!!!!

  • As long as everyone else is plugging their schedules, here's mine: I'm starting Fall V-O classes for all levels in Los Angeles on September 5, including a six-week course that was previously a one-day workshop: "Are You Ready For Your V-O Demo?" I'm also conducting two one-day workshops in NYC at Edge Studio on October 24th and 25th--Audiobooks on 10/24, with a guest director from Random House, and Videogames on 10/25, with a guest director from Hamsterball Studios. Contact me at with any questions. Hope you're all having a great summer!
  • Any coaches in the RI area?
  • Thank you to VU and Rick Zurek for the good vibes on VU. I appreciate you and all of you who comment on my posts. My community here is Bettye Zoller's Voiceover Central and we'd love to have you join our group. Membership is in the three digits now and growing. Join in. Find us under "groups" in the overhead bar.
  • Here are the links to the classes, coaching and talent assessment. I'd encourage you to act fast as these will be very small classes offered one time only. Thanks

    Private Coaching and Demo Evaluations

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