Live Video, Inc. Services

Live Video, Inc. Services

Live Video, Inc. has strategic partners all over the world and for this reason we are able to offer some of the best solutions to our partners and friends. Whatever the size and scope of your project, you will need professional consulting to assist in making your creative vision come to life. Live Video, Inc. wants to make that transition seamless for you offering you everything from inception to completion to assist you in your creative vision. Check out all of the solutions here!

Line Production

When you are producing a project, whether it is a television show or a movie, staying within budget is critical to the success of your project. Having an excellent line producer can be the difference in the success and the failure of your project. When you are looking for someone to scout out all of the locations to keep you in budget, it is important to have someone with the expertise to help you find the right location. The right line producer will keep you on schedule and within budget. Live Video, has the right talent to keep you in the black.

Application Development for any Platform

If you have been thinking of putting together an application, whether you are promoting a website, a movie, or building the app of your dreams, you must have the right team in place. That means you have assistance from an expert team that will help you with the design of your application, the implementation, training, and translation of your project. Without the right team in place, the project often ends up on one platform such as Apple without being rolled out to other frameworks. Why would you want to dominate a portion of the market when you can conquer every phone and corner the whole market?

Website Development

If your goal is to capture your audience, having a website which is beautiful, cutting edge, and clean in design is extremely important. A website is the virtual gateway to your brand. With a platform which is beautiful, engaging, and speaks to your base you will be able to draw them back time and time again to see the magnitude of the vision of your brand and project. Whether you are looking for a professional website, business brand and placement, or a movie website we have the expertise to assist you in the right look and feel.


The right director brings the creative direction to any project, and has the ability to take an excellent screenplay and story and instead make it epic. The issue that many projects face is that they do not find a director who has the ability to see the vision of the project and also keep the delicate balance on the set which is required amongst so many egos. Often called the “author” of the film, this is the key to making the project a success or failure, as the vision is translated in real time for posterity.

Talent Procurement

When you give birth to a project, whether you are a part of the screenplay, or you are signed on as a member of the project team finding the right talent is crucial to your project’s success. Live Video, Inc. will help you find the right people for your vision, with a complete roster of models, actors, actresses, and athletes we will help you discover the perfect fit. Utilizing a mixed method of virtual and live auditions we will help you find the right fit.

Talent Negotiation

One of the most complicated parts of project finalization can be the process of talent negotiations. We want to ensure your project’s success, so we also offer you logistical support that includes constant schedule monitoring as well as a complete vetting of the negotiation process. We provide critical advice to you on contract negotiation with the union as well as handle all aspects of the project management so that you can focus on being creative!

Contract Execution

With many years of experience in contract execution we will work with you to make sure that the contracts are easily understood by everyone. We will work hard for you every step of the way and consult you in all parts of the process to ensure that you are not blindsided or surprised by expenses and unforeseen issues in your project plan.

SAG AFTRA Signatories

When working with the union it is important to have a partner that is capable of handling all aspects of payroll as well as negotiations. In the event there is a conflict on set we will come and assist you with the negotiation process making sure your project is back to production status.

Project Financing

Finding funds for your project can be extremely difficult. For this reason you want a partner who can help you raise the capital you need to see your vision through to completion. Live Video, Inc. has assisted in the raising of capital throughout the world for all kinds of productions from television to shortand full feature films. Sit down with us and consult about how to make your project a reality.

Voice Casting

Casting the right voice in the right language can be a vital part of any project. With our services you will have the option to find the perfect talent who is the perfect age, has the ideal sound, and even demo their talents. With specialists standing by to help you with talent selection, we are sure you will find the perfect fit for your project.


Bringing your vision to life has come a long way since the black and white ink of the pen and paper. These days animation is all about being able to see the characters, the script, and translate that vision into reality. With all of the options out there, finding the right one will guarantee that with technology and creative consulting that your project will be brought to life.

Audio Mixing and Editing

Finding the perfect blend of sound and voice is a delicate art. It is critical that you have the most professional team on your side to ensure quality and further enable the masterpiece you wish to convey.

Closed Captioning

As one of our specialties closed captioning ensures that your project will have all of the right text so that any viewer will be able to appreciate the program.

Subtitle Creation

With any project in a foreign language it is very important that all viewers are fully able to appreciate it. Our service guarantees you are getting the best in subtitle creation ensuring that no meaning will be lost to the viewer who is consuming your art in a language other than their own.

Media Supply

Finding the right supplier to work with will help you to have the best relations when dealing with strategic partners and clients. Come and speak to us about how we can assist.


The right translation team can make or break a project. It is very important that you have a team that is native and expert in the language you are trying to convey your project in. We provide expert servicesat an affordable rate, providing your project with linguistic excellence.

Technical Services

The right technical resources with the expertise of the market, as well as effects are critical to editing as well as finding the right blend of form and function. We maintain a house of experts to assist you with any form of execution for your project.


When you are translating your vision from the silver screen to the small screen, having the right team is imperative to make certain the look and feel of the silver screen is maintained.

Title/Motion Graphics

Ensure the right look and feel for your project by translating a still vision into a three dimensional movie. This can create the perfect mood and blend of audio effect further bringing the viewer inside your vision.

Visual Effects

With the right combination of visual effects you will be able to create a project that looks as real to the viewer as possible.

Foreign Language Dubbing

Dubbing is in itself an art form and must be handled with care and expertise. The right combination of words and movement can make your project much more authentic to the viewer preventing any acknowledgement in the fact that it is indeed in another different language.

Chain Management

Finding the right executives to ensure that your operation is handled properly can be a very difficult process. With our team of expertise we can assist you with your entire executive and management woes even providing you with the right fit with your existing staff.

Digital Color Correction

Color correction is very important to ensure that the overall experience of the project is real and beautiful to the viewer. We offer an expert team with the best technology at their fingertips for high quality results.

Color Grading

Color Grading is extremely necessary and important to the overall mood and feel of the project. We have an excellent staff to assist you with the intricacies of the right colors, styles, and tones.


When you are in need of assistance with editing, we have people that will help you look at all of the pieces of your project we have the right team to assist you with all of the nuances. Let us put our expertise to work for your vision.

Graphic Design

Whether you have been looking for a logo, a website design, or a book to be illustrated we have the right people in place to translate your vision. Sit down with one of the talented professionals from LVI to speak about your project and we consult and help you map out your vision.

Writing Services

Whether you need help ghost writing a book in any genre, help with a blog, or content for a website. You will find bestselling authors on the staff of LVI to assist you with the execution of your project. If you are looking for a speech, a white paper, or any other form of written text let us help you bring it to fruition.

Credit Management and Receiving

If you are a company looking to ensure that your credit is in the right place or in need of collections LVI has all of the right resources to help you with this management. With a full time staff of consultants to assist with your wealth management and your profile, your company will be in the best hands possible.

Project Insurance

Sometimes things go wrong on the set, for this reason it is important to make sure if there is an accident that you are insured ahead of time. We have the right partners to consult with you and help you come up with a policy that will cover all possible accidents as well as find a solution which will be well within your budget.

Branding, Advertising and Public Relations

Finding the right way to sell and market your brand can be the kiss of death if it is handled in the wrong way. We offer an all in one solution which will assist you with a social media plan, advertising slogans, as well as press releases on a regular basis to promote your brand and your vision. 
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