Traci Wilde left a comment on Kansas City VO
"Had such an awesome time last night!!! thanks for putting it together and let's do it again soon!-t"
Oct 1, 2010
Traci Wilde left a comment for Brian Whitaker
"Hi Brian! Thanks for the kind words on my demos ...and I see you are already friends with my bud Dick Ervasti...he is my Sensai...Tell Karess Hi for me and I am glad you are on the VU site check out some of our groups, you'll love 'em!-t"
Feb 11, 2010
Traci Wilde left a comment on MARKETING FOR FUN AND PROFIT
"I agree with Dick, Pearl Thank you... I will check this outin my area and Dick it's good to see you on here friend...and great seeing you and Mary over the holidays!"
Jan 5, 2010
Traci Wilde left a comment for Matt Wiewel
"I'm not making a living yet at the VO thing but i know it will come, so just keep forging got chops!...I did radio for 20 years, but the industry of VO is a different animal...but I know it will come, I have patience and that is half the…"
Sep 27, 2009
Traci Wilde left a comment for Matt Wiewel
Thanks for the add. Your demos sound great! I look forward to meeting you someday and "talking shop"...welcome to VU -t"
Sep 22, 2009
Traci Wilde left a comment for Michelle Chase
"Hey sorry I didn't call you back. My grandpa's funeral was yesterday. Let's try to get together next week. I love your logo... I should have cotton tj
Sorry I didn't call you back yesterday, but it was Grandpa's funeral and I was really busy.let's…"
May 27, 2009
Traci Wilde left a comment for Blake Sakamoto
"Blake!...Hi, I cannot believe you found me and you remembered my birthday after all these years. You are an amazing man, let's catch up soon-t"
Apr 15, 2009
Traci Wilde left a comment for Michelle Chase
"me too, my grandpa has been in ICU this past week and 1/2 so things have been hetic. plus i am now serving at the Brewery to make cash so I will hit the floor solo 1st time shift (double no less) tommorrow...crZY!!! BUT AS SOON AS i HAVE A MINUTE TO…"
Apr 12, 2009
Traci Wilde left a comment for Dan (Daniel Eduardo) Hurst
"Aww, that's nice to hear, I have always liked Cindy...I need to give her a call and get together with her. She has always been good to me. I am very interestested in this group you have started. i am really only less than a year into this as my own…"
Feb 20, 2009
Traci Wilde left a comment for Dan (Daniel Eduardo) Hurst
"Dan, Hi! I have been trying to get my VO biz off the ground, I have ISDN at the home studio which is expensive to run, but I feel I am destined to suceed at this so any help or advicfe you could offer would be fantastic. would love to talk with you…"
Feb 13, 2009
Traci Wilde left a comment for Don Mathews
"Hey Buddy...welcome to the group so far it's cool here. Everyone helps each other and besides we have been through alot already (how many years now have we known each other?) Think of this place as a virtual VO lonestar :)...I keep telling myself…"
Oct 13, 2008
Traci Wilde left a comment on Kansas City VO
"Hi everyone...Traci Wilde here, some of you know me, some don't but Karen said to drop by the group so ...PLOP! anyway, I'm in my studio just doing some auditions and thought I'd take a break and check this out. -t"
Sep 23, 2008
Traci Wilde left a comment for Doug Medlock
"Hello big D- I would like to get together and chat about the vo biz sometime...congrats on your big job btw...awesome. hollaback yo. -t"
Sep 22, 2008
Traci Wilde left a comment for Karen Carson
"Thanks, I'm hoping... I'd love an invite, I haven't checked my calander, but I'll do that when I get it.I love a good hayride! -t"
Sep 22, 2008
Traci Wilde left a comment for Rick Party
"Thanks! I am excited to be a part of this.. I love my VO career so I am sure this will be a great place for me to meet other people who also share that enthusiasm and passion for their work. Traci"
Sep 22, 2008
Traci Wilde left a comment for Penny Abshire
"Thank you for such a nice welcome! I have been checking your stuff out on the web and I am excited to learn more. I look forward to joining your group. Traci."
Sep 22, 2008

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  • Hey, thank you.
    I really just go started in VO this year. I still work full-time at Cerner here in KC.
  • Aw, Trac. I'm sorry about that. I'm thinking of you.

    Lets chat and I'll tell you about the logo thingy. It's amusing.
  • Hey you, I called, left a message, let me know how you're doing and when you want to get together.

    Love your logo! Too bad I didn't think of it first, but at least I don't steal and put it on Twitter and my website. Sheesh! Some have no imagination.

  • No problem, I send good thoughts to your grandpa. :) Crazy here too, and we'll catch soon.
  • Well, how goes it? I'm still interested in getting together, let me know when, and where. :)
  • Hey Traci!

    Had lunch yesterday with Cindy Schloss! She had very nice things to say about you!!!
  • TRACI!!!! How are ya?

    Hey, checkout the Marketing Group we got going.

    The link is:

    Whatcha been up to lately?
  • Traci,
    So you found us! Welcome! Make sure you join the KC group that Doug Medlock started and if you want I'm having a few VO people out to a hayride on my propery on Oct 11th. I can e-mail you a flyer if you like.

    I listened to your commercial demo, I don't think that you need radio anymore. Go VO all the way. It's AWESOME being your own boss.

    Good Luck
  • Traci,

    Welcome to Voiceover Universe. Join groups, V-U tv webcam, blog, add your demos, network and so much more.

    Glad you joined us!

    Rick Party, founder
    Voiceover Universe
  • Let me be the very first to welcome you to the UNIVERSE! You've joined a terrific group of very talented and generous people!

    I'd also like to personally invite you to join my VoiceOver Universe Group, Positive Thinkers UNITE! You can check it out by clicking on the GROUPS button at the top of your page. We can always use another creative, positive voice among us!

    Best wishes for continued success!

    Penny Abshire
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