Tom Kane left a comment for Tom Daniels
"Randi is the BEST!"
Dec 21, 2014
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"Happy to add here, but use my real email for any correspondence... all these social networking sites are getting out of control."
Jul 9, 2010
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"Thanks! You're one up on me... I haven't seen it yet."
Oct 6, 2009
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"Priceless stuff... Bits and pieces he shared with many, but rarely put in such succint form."
Aug 4, 2009
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"I'm in my studio..."
Sep 9, 2008
Tom Kane left a comment for Tom Kane
"I was nice to get out of my cave and see real humans!"
Aug 29, 2008
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"Hey, Kay!!!"
Aug 18, 2008
Tom Kane commented on Randy Thomas's photo
"Ed! My god, how are you? And how did you end up in Florida?!?"
Jul 3, 2008
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"Well Don, now you have me blushing!"
Jul 3, 2008
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"I had the same unit until a few months ago... Telos told me I had the third one in LA. And yes, it was "switched 56"... I had forgotten about that.
When I ordered my ISDN lines here in K.C., the 23-year-old woman kept saying "You mean DSL lines"…"
Jul 1, 2008
Tom Kane left a comment for Joe Cipriano
"Hey, Joe! So, I'm still trying to figure this site out... Hmm.

You came up at a talk I gave last month. How a million years ago you got this odd device called a "Zephyr" and started working from home... So I did the same!

How're things with you?"
Jul 1, 2008
Tom Kane left a comment for Tom Kane

How are you guys? Your daughter must be in college by now?!?"
Jun 30, 2008

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  • Hello Tom,

    No one has posted on your wall in 6 months, so here is my post.

    One of these days I'm going to make it to one of our KC gatherings and finally get the chance to meet you.    I just signed with Exposure so I hope to do some additional local work.  A lot of international right now and that's always tough chasing the money around the globe.

    Here is to a great 2012, I've been noticing an upturn in revenue and I hope you are doing well.

    See you soon,


  • Your story about how you got into doing voiceover work is inspiring. I've been doing character voices since my earlier years, so I could certainly relate.
  • Just wanted to say another quick thank you, for reaching out to Katie of being-bullied-for-loving-Star-Wars fame! I know it means a lot to her and it means a lot to the 1st grade me.
  • Hi Tom,

    I just saw the In your Community video. Awesome! Keep up the fantastic work.

  • Tom, just watched an interview you did with Mary Cohen of In Your Community and was extremely impressed with your past credits and overall talent. Continued success with VO in the future.

  • Hi Tom!

    Like the guy below, I'm a big fan. Especially VG, especially those blessed old-school LucasArts adventure games (I adapted the Curse of Monkey Island into a three-hour radio drama once, big fat NERD that I am. I gave myself Rottingham.) Aside from working on my favorite titles, the variety and longevity of your career is really inspiring. Thank you so much for your work!
  • Hey Tom,
    Thanks for friending me on VU. Big fan of your work. Especially the Star Wars titles and Ironman. I look forward to meeting you at some point in the future.

    all the best
  • Hey Tom! Just got back from seeing "9". Of course I had to come home and look up ALL the credits and saw your name! Congrats on the great gig, it was a great movie too!
  • Thnx a lot Tom !

    Don was really a great man !!

  • Tom,

    I'm looking forward to meeting you tomorrow at SacAnime here in Sacramento. I have a great respect and admiration for your work. I'll be working at Nakamoto Production in Downtown Sacramento on Sunday for Julie Williams VO workshop, so I may have only Saturday to see you. If you have time, and Dan will let you, it would be cool if you could stop by the studio on Sunday just to say hey to everyone. Its only about 10 min away.

    Take care and hope you have a great stay in Sacramento,

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