Thomas Bromhead commented on Paul Pape's video
"Hi Paul!  Always wondered what you sounded like!  And I like it!  I think most of those creatives descriptions should say "like Paul Pape"!  Love it.  Cheers"
Sep 27, 2011
Thomas Bromhead commented on Voiceover Universe's video
"Been working so hard.....da da da da...gotta cut loose footloose.
If you take the 6 degrees of separation on this car...everything comes back to Kevin Bacon.
Why did they pick him?
Hey everyone's talking about I'm mentioning Buick.
He got it…"
Apr 3, 2011
Thomas Bromhead commented on Voiceover Universe's video
"Good on you Nina, Randy and Beau!...but SAG should take a good look at itself.
I suppose they need some good publicity after the recent fraud there.
Hopefully by the time Ted is doing some promos we will only have one union.
Bring on the…"
Jan 12, 2011
Thomas Bromhead commented on Voiceover Universe's video
"Why didn't the engineer tell him to put the copy on the stand?
I love this guy's humbleness and genuine love of the game.
Although, having said just shows the general public how hard it is to "pretend to be real".
Much easier when you're…"
Jan 11, 2011
Thomas Bromhead commented on Ed Weigle's video
"Sounds fantastic Ed. What sort of processing do you add to make it sound so ballsy?
I'm buying tickets now!"
Aug 31, 2010
Thomas Bromhead left a comment for Cynthia Songe'
"Dear Cynthia,
You will be dearly missed by all.
My deepest condolences to Susan and your family."
May 23, 2010
Thomas Bromhead left a comment for Ian "Lofty" Fulton
"Happy Birthday mate! It's still April 7 here, so I'm not late!"
Apr 7, 2010
Thomas Bromhead left a comment on ASK JOE - VOICE OVER THEATER
"Hi Joe,
Is that a stopwatch you have in your hand or are you checking your vouniverse inbox? Thanks for sharing the video."
Jan 12, 2010
Thomas Bromhead commented on Lynnanne Zager's video
""The machine knows". LOL!"
Oct 2, 2009
Thomas Bromhead left a comment for Paul Pape
"Hi Paul,
Thanks very much for helping organize the DLF event. It was very informative.
Lots of great laughs too. Do you do ISDN sessions with clothes on? Looking forward to watching the DVD of Don. Thanks again!"
Oct 2, 2009
Thomas Bromhead left a comment for Don LaFontaine
It was only a month ago you accepted my friend request.
I was surprised and very grateful.
Thats what sets voice actors apart from actors.
We encourage, we play the game not the man.
And you were the top man.
You still had time to give back to…"
Sep 2, 2008
Thomas Bromhead left a comment for Ian "Lofty" Fulton
"Hi Lofty,
Tell me all your news - I'm guessing you never rang me on Tues as you were meeting TGMD??

Aug 27, 2008
Thomas Bromhead left a comment for Don LaFontaine
"Hi Don,
Sending positive vibes your way for a speedy recovery.
When you are recovered I want you to make a trailer out of your experience.
"It was a day like any man....against the odds", then post it on this site!
All the best
Aug 27, 2008
Thomas Bromhead left a comment for Ian "Lofty" Fulton
"Hi Lofty,
Are you coming to Voice?
Wow! I am going to the red carpet thing for "mingling".
What are your plans in LA?
You should meet with some of the voice agents.
I can point you in the right direction if you want!

Jul 25, 2008
Thomas Bromhead left a comment for Ian "Lofty" Fulton
"Hi Ian!
How did you manage to get your mug on the side of the website.
Nick McKay had his there as well

Jul 22, 2008
Thomas Bromhead left a comment for Nick McKay
"Hi Nick
Those trailers are amazing.
Perfect reads.

Jul 3, 2008

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  • Great to see you here and thanks for being my VU friend. Hope you'll join my VU group "Bettye Zoller's Voiceover Central" and do indeed keep watch on my website for my workshop schedule year round. Hope to see you in one of them sometime!
  • You are AWESOME!!!!
    Thanks for the info.
    I got Twisted Wave and a Mic Port Pro.
    Let's talk about it on the phone....really appreciate all of the help!
  • G'day Thomas! My mobile phone went kaput, so I lost yr number and also the phone number you gave me for Katherine (Hines). Perhaps you could send me a private message with the numbers again? Thank you. Hope you're doing well! Talk soon... xMerlên
  • Hey Thomas,I am attending all of the days of Voice, with a number of the various workshops too many to mention here. So I will be in LA from Tuesday 5th til Tuesday 12th. thankyou for your very kind offer of pointing me in the right direction as far as agents go I might just take you up on that where time allows, just putting the finishing touches to my new trailer demo now. if the opportunity doesn't arise I will look at returning in October. Either way let's catch up while I'm there. My email address is feel free to drop me a note as to how best to get in touch with you. Cheers Lofty
  • Hey Thomas will I see you at Voice? I hope so. As far as me being on the front page in answer to your question I don't know how Rick chooses them, but I feel very privileged to be chosen. Cheers Lofty.
  • G'Day Thomas, Great to see you here, Hows Things?

    Sunshine & Smiles...

    Nick McKay
  • Hi Mate... how's it going over in La Land??? You're still there so you must be doing well!!!

  • You're comments are so sweet and much appreciated. I heard plenty of talent from your end too. I'm not trying to pitch classes, but I can guarantee that if we get to work together you'll go where no man has gone before. Ooohh scary! heh heh
  • Helloo Sailor! We should get together and catch up!
  • Hey there! Great to see ya here!
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