Steven Alan Green left a comment for BOB NOBLE
"Thanks you, Bob. I really appreciate it."
Jul 12, 2010
Steven Alan Green left a comment for Barry Trussell
"Thank you, Barry. Yes it is cool. Finally. Thanks again. Steven"
Jul 12, 2010
Steven Alan Green left a comment for Rodney Jackson
"Thank you, Rodney!"
Jul 11, 2010
Steven Alan Green left a comment for Diane Merritt
"Thank you, Diane. Steven"
Jul 11, 2010
Steven Alan Green left a comment on Ask An Agent
"Hi there:
I work a lot in London, England and have been living there. I am now in LA. I have done everything (all work in London) from Movie Trailers, South Park character voices, BBC narration, Gallo Wine ads for Ireland and Garmin Navigation. I…"
Sep 13, 2008
Steven Alan Green left a comment for Penny Abshire
"Hi Penny,
You are my first friend on this network. Thanks and congratulations. So, tell me, I work quite a bit in the UK as a voice artist, but here in LA, I can't seem to get a decent hearing. Any recommendations or suggestions?
Sep 9, 2008

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  • Hi Steve,

    Thank you for the connection.

    All the Best,
  • Hi Steven,

    Wishing you the very Best, Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy.

    Best Regards,
  • Happy Birthday Steven! Enjoy your special day!
  • Hi Steven:

    In honor of your birthday, I sat down and wrote you a
    song. Here are the lyrics . . . .”This is your Birthday Song,
    It isn’t very long . . . “

    And many more . . . !

    Bob . . . at . . . - Orlando, FL
  • Hi Steven!

    I know you’ve been a member of Voiceover Universe for some time, but I wanted to introduce one of our groups to you.

    I hope you'll check out and join a group called MARKETING FOR FUN AND PROFIT. It's a group dedicated to discussing ways we can market ourselves - what works; what doesn't. You’ll find some very interesting ideas and concepts there! And we would appreciate your input. Click here for the link: MARKETING FOR FUN AND PROFIT!

    Thanks for your time! I trust our paths will cross soon!

    Best to ya!

    dan (daniel eduardo) hurst
  • Let me be one of the first to welcome you to the Universe! You've joined a great group.

    And speaking of groups, let me also invite you to join my VoiceOverUniverse Group, Positive Thinkers UNITE! We can always use another creative, positive voice among us!

    Best wishes for continued success!

    Penny Abshire
  • Steven,

    Welcome to Voiceover Universe .com

    Rick Party, founder
    Voiceover Universe
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