Sharon Garrison left a comment for Benjamin Dane
"Hey, Ben! We both need to get more active on VU! It's a HUGE resource. Check out the character voice consistency discussion. It's interesting."
Aug 23, 2010
Sharon Garrison left a comment for Juliette Gray
"Hi, Juliette! I saw your post about narration demos on the Marketing group page. (I LOVE that page!) Be sure to have a "how to" cut on there! And it's my opinion and producers I've worked with) that no one will listen to ANYTHING over 2-1/2 to 3…"
Mar 2, 2010
Sharon Garrison left a comment for William E. Spear
"HI! Thanks for the add! New Jersey, huh? I look forward to hearing more about your VO work and the industry where you are. Keep in touch. I haven't been on VU much lately, but will be more active now. I've missed it!"
Jan 7, 2010
Sharon Garrison left a comment for Rick Party
"Hey, Zurek! Thanks so much for your commitment to all of us in the VO industry! Setting up VU was a fabulous gift to all - I just wish I had more time to interact! But wanted to thank you so much for the recent blog/post on "Taking Care of Your…"
Nov 10, 2009
Sharon Garrison left a comment on Positive Thinkers UNITE!
"Glad to be a part of the group! I've been out of pocket for a few weeks - but ready to rock and roll in 2009! And Positive Thinking is my primary key to success. Thanks, Peggy - for all that you do!"
Jan 15, 2009
Sharon Garrison left a comment on Positive Thinkers UNITE!
"Thanks, Penny! After an especially challenging week I really needed you big TEN list to get me back on track. It's amazing how powerful we can be if we approach our work and life in a positive way."
Oct 30, 2008
Sharon Garrison left a comment on Positive Thinkers UNITE!
"Thanks, Penny! So great to hear your story. I just returned from Orange County where I visited my almost 3-year old grandson and 5-year old granddaughter. Unfortunately, I was teaching an acting workshop the entire time I was "visiting" and did not…"
Sep 8, 2008
Sharon Garrison left a comment for Ryan Drean
"Ryan - thanks for adding me as a friend! So we're both here in the crazy Metroplex - along with Benjamin Dane and many others trying to carve out a place in this business in such a challenging area. (FYI I am originally from Ft. Worth - moved to…"
Aug 27, 2008
Sharon Garrison left a comment on The World of ADR (aka "Looping")
"I am so glad you started this group. I am in the same boat as Kim in that I am not new to VO work but new to ADR. Can't wait to hear more and get some of my ??? answered. Thanks."
Aug 12, 2008
Sharon Garrison left a comment for Conchita Congo
"Hi Conchita! Thanks for adding me to your list! Hope to have the time to share some of what you do. You sound just terrific. The only problem with this site is that I sometimes can't find the time to get back to the great networking available here!…"
Aug 12, 2008
Sharon Garrison left a comment for Lee Fuller
"Lee! How great to see you on this site. I've missed seeing you "in the flesh" - ooooh! Does that sound provocative!? Let's mix it up around here!
Talk soon!"
Jul 10, 2008
Sharon Garrison left a comment on Voice Impressions
"Hey, Deby - a little more estrogen to keep everyone company. A little balance for all this insanity! Look forward to chatting."
Jul 4, 2008
Sharon Garrison left a comment for Rodney Saulsberry
"Rodney - just wanted to let you know that I ordered your book!! And it is absolutely fabulous! I ordered it after coming across your vocal warmups, but I'm finding that there is great info in there on virtually every aspect of the industry. In…"
Jun 30, 2008
Sharon Garrison left a comment for Dave Shropshire
"Appreciate your quick response. Yeah, this site is wonderful. Has really been the kick in the b- - - that I needed to inspire me. I'll be doing my character demo very soon - and I hope you'll check it out on my site when I finish. And - terrific…"
Jun 30, 2008
Sharon Garrison left a comment for Dave Shropshire
Your demos and promo materials are outstanding! I'm getting back into the VO thing after being away for many years. Good studio finally starting to come together. I am a full-time, professional actor with lots of coaching, stage and television…"
Jun 30, 2008
Sharon Garrison left a comment for James Clamp
"Thanks! I will send you some info very soon - just got some great feedback as having a "julie andrews" sound in an audition I had. Will send later in the week! Too many people in the USA think that sounding "British" needs to be b-r-o-a-d!!! Not at…"
Jun 17, 2008

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  • Sharon:

    It has been a while. We must fix that real soon. I'm a bit more flexible now that I'm back in the game full time. Perhaps I'll see you at the flesh! : )
  • Hello Sharon,

    Thank you so much for your kind words about my book. I'm so glad that you found it helpful! Please stay in touch.
  • Hi Sharon ,

    A pleasure to meet you and welcome back to VO . Thanks for the kind words about my demos . I was smart and had someone else produce them for me . Left up to me , I would still be agonizing over which cut to leave it and what to leave in !! :) This is an incredible site. I am constantly amazed by the talent level and how very little ego is present here .

    Growing up I was totally inspired by the great Paul Frees , Daws Butler and Mel Blanc .( Okay June Foray was incredible too !!) I never thought I would actually get to create characters that people would pay me to play .. Truly the only job in the world where I could get paid to play behind the mic .

    I'll be listening for you too .

  • Hi Sharon

    Yes, very please to meet you. This site is fabulous. As for the Brit sound, feel free to send me an mp3 of your work and i'll be glad to give my opinion.

  • Hi Sharon! I would love to talk with you on narrations. I'll pull my calender out in a couple of days, today I am a bit under the weather, but it sounds good to me.
  • So glad it worked out!! Those things can be so frustrating. I want to hear all about it.
  • Hey Beautiful! This is a great site!! Thanks for the invite. I am looking to spend more time on it.

  • Sharon thanks so much for the friend invite! I look forward to being within your network, and getting to know you more as well. I just love this commaraderie.
  • Hello Sharon,

    My name is Rachael. I am one person representing our entire group. I can answer most questions, and refer others to the right department/individual depending on the circumstances. I am a voiceover artist with educational background in Vocal Performance and Communication Sciences (SLP etc..). I look forward to conversing with you.

    Please check out our instructors and voiceover talent at our evolving site. It is a great voiceover resource.

    So nice to hear from you, Rachael @ Such A Voice
  • Sharon, I responded - but I did it on my page - oops. Please go there to read it.
This reply was deleted.