Shannon Rice left a comment for Ocie Maddox Jr.
"Ocie, good connecting with you on here.  I had no idea that you had a page.  Well, all I can ask is that you consider a brother for any of your voice projects.  And feel free to refer me as well.
Take it easy.  Peace & Blessings..."
Jul 29, 2013
Shannon Rice left a comment for Tim Garrison
"Hey Tim,
Thanks for the friend add!  Check out what I'm doing by clicking on the link to my latest show, "Jazzpirations w/Shannon Rice"--you'll be musically/spiritually refreshed! "
Nov 22, 2011
Shannon Rice left a comment for Lauren Brooks Phillips
"Hope things are great with you! Just passing along a little positivity."
Apr 11, 2011
Shannon Rice left a comment for LaRosa Thomas
"Happy Birthday LaRosa!"
Apr 5, 2011
Shannon Rice left a comment for Liz Nichols
"Happy Birthday Liz."
Apr 5, 2011
Shannon Rice left a comment for Paul Innocent
"Hey Paul, I want to welcome you to the VU family as well. Keep in touch."
Apr 5, 2011
Shannon Rice left a comment for Joe Cipriano
"Joe, how cool it was for you & Randy to get up so early and be on the radio show and extend a valuable offer to Ted Williams, the guy with an incredible voice.  I won't call him homeless, because I'm sure that he will not be that any longer after…"
Jan 5, 2011
Shannon Rice commented on Jon Bailey's video
"Great job! What a range!"
Dec 15, 2010
Shannon Rice left a comment for Bobbin Beam
"Bobbin, it's a pleasure meeting you on here! You have a fabulous voice! When I grow up, I want to be as successful as you! Have a great one!"
Jul 19, 2010
Shannon Rice left a comment for Dj Dex
"Have a great birthday filled with thankfulness & celebration!"
Jul 19, 2010
Shannon Rice left a comment for Keith "ERQ" Erquhart
"Happy Birthday Erq! Keep it hot over there @ GCI!"
Jul 19, 2010
Shannon Rice left a comment for Shelby Taranto
"Hi Shelby,
Good to find out who I actually yell at when I call 1-800-FREE-411 and the voice recognition does NOT recognize what I am saying!
You have a nice voice texture. Keep up the good work!
Happy Birthday!"
Jul 19, 2010
Shannon Rice left a comment for John Garry
"Doc, when one reaches the level you have, it's virtually impossible not to be listening! Keep up the good work, it's inspiring."
Jun 10, 2010
Shannon Rice left a comment for John Garry
"Man, from visiting your website, it has entrenched in my mind that a voice can either defy or define ANY image. I thought I knew most of the heavy hitters out here, but hearing your body of work...I never knew it was you. Great job. Break off a…"
Jun 6, 2010
Shannon Rice left a comment for Lesley "LT" Taylor
"Sorry it took so long to respond to your friend request, but thanks for it. Looking forward to networking with you sometime soon. I need to visit my page here more often.
Take care and reach out soon."
Apr 9, 2010
Shannon Rice left a comment for Brett Provo
"Happy Birthday! Hope your day is filled with personal thankfulness and celebration!"
Feb 8, 2010

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  • Sadly...I have no "advanced" training.
    Just Translating what I used to do in Rock Music to Classical Instruments and give it a touch of Mozart & Vivaldi
  • Finally clicked in the right place
    to hear your demos...
    Smooth, jazzy, great timbre!
    Nice work!
  • Nice to meet you Shannon!
    Loved your bio and look forward
    to hearing your delivery soon!
  • Shannon!

    What is happening in the Windy City? So nice to meet you and thanks for the add!

    This is certainly a terrific community ....


    David Marc
  • HI Shannon,
    You made my day with your kind comments. I'm hoping there's a niche out there for me! I'm sure there's one there for you. One can hear your enthusiasm in your reads, and you've got that nice rumbling quality. Fitting for a jazz-lover.
    You hit the nail on the head.... "joy and pain". Here's to more joy and that we learn from the pain.
    BTW, if you go to my website ( and click on the picture of Elgin and me, I've linked it to a website narration of his breed. Kind of a fun thingy. He's a great dog, just like in "Turner and Hooch".
    Kind regards,
  • Hi Shannon,
    I enjoyed your VU page and listened to all of your demos. My favorite was the last one about "laughing at the lakefront". You have alot of energy! My other favorite was the segment in your demo reel about the Lincoln Navigator. Certainly sultry! those two delivery styles must be your forte.
    Here's wishing both of us lots of success in 2010!
  • Hey, Shannon -

    Smooth, sultry, with an edge... I think I've met my male VO counterpart! *lol* The fact that I grew up in Chicago is the icing on the cake!

    Thanks for the invite! Looking forward to hooking up the next time I'm visiting family in Chitown!

    Take care,
  • Thanks!
    Music is my Passion! When combining Music with VO, I painstakingly search for the "Right" piece of Music. If I can't find it...I'll Write the Right piece!
  • Hey Shannon! Great Pipes!
  • It's good to be on this site. Getting a cross section of V/O pro's and up and comers makes this site move forward. Peace from NYC.
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