Roy P. Cunningham left a comment for Kevin "KC" O'Dunn
"HI Kevin... got your message... DUDE!!!1... what a ride!.... glad you're back on an even keel... what are you gonna do next, brother?"
Oct 12, 2010
Roy P. Cunningham left a comment for Duane DTheEngineer Richard
"Howdy Duane... loved your demos! I'm from New Orleans... living in Portland, OR preparing to reloacte to Toronto, ON Good Gravy!!! I hope I can stay put ! let's have some fun together working on something! I got a few of my radio demos here:…"
Aug 25, 2010
Roy P. Cunningham left a comment on Production Freaks
"I'm listening to some demo material from Duane Richard... interesting....
Anyway... I'm always fascinated by folks who use SONY VEGAS for audio production. Is it the older version? I have VEGAS 7 and use it extensively for video storyboarding and…"
Aug 24, 2010
Roy P. Cunningham posted a video
My partner and I introduce a new level of video production for any high energy project
Jun 14, 2010
Roy P. Cunningham left a comment for Sound Advice
"Howdy Folks... I help small business "make it"... I have marketing experience to include international trading, research of global marketing trends in commercial aircraft spares... and here's the shocker... I"ve recorded heavy rock music with…"
May 1, 2010
Roy P. Cunningham left a comment for Sandra Broughton
"Hello Ms. Broughton!...
Ya know... it's refreshing to be polite. Many other cultures use honorifics as a sign of respect... Senor / Senora for one... Besides... you look like a nice girl! You can call me anything long as you call me for dinner!…"
Mar 16, 2010
Roy P. Cunningham posted a video
Rick has been a working partner for many years, we've done a lot of work together
Feb 21, 2010
Roy P. Cunningham left a comment for Dan (Daniel Eduardo) Hurst
"Hola hermano David...

I will check out the group... meanwhile, I actively pursue and sell my unique music productions to individual projects... custom music beds that enhance the sound of a project and actually turn the production into something…"
Feb 6, 2010
Roy P. Cunningham left a comment for Eddie Eagle
"HI Eddie... What's shakin?"
Feb 1, 2010
Roy P. Cunningham left a comment for Lani Minella
"HI Lani!!! a very famous baby cat wishes you a good day!!!
Guess WHO?"
Feb 1, 2010
Roy P. Cunningham left a comment for David Marc
"HI David... glad to see you here and glad we're connected on VU!...
I hope you're having a great time with all the great people here...

I'm working on all kinds of great new ideas here so let's have some fun!"
Jan 31, 2010
Roy P. Cunningham left a comment for Denise Nelson
"I was listening to a broadcast the other night and I couldn't stop. THis was a high energy show and a high energy lady steeering the programming to higher and higher heights of listening pleasure...

OH that was YOU !!!!
What's UP my beautiful…"
Jan 31, 2010
Roy P. Cunningham left a comment for Terry Daniel
"Hi Terry!
Your blog on "vision" is a perfect companion piece to my recent blog! WOW. I'm struggling with a decision toloeave my beloved Portland... Minneapolis is one of the relocate areas... I like it up there... it's been almost a 2 year debate!!!…"
Jan 31, 2010
Roy P. Cunningham left a comment for Kevin "KC" O'Dunn
"WOW! kevin... you're going to Florida too???
I have so many connections down there and a lot of nice friends...
I'm glad to hear you're doing so well...
Best of All Worlds to You!!!"
Jan 31, 2010
Roy P. Cunningham posted videos
Jan 30, 2010
Roy P. Cunningham left a comment for Big LLou Johnson
"MY brother from another mother... where you been at? Man I miss you... gimme a shout back so we can hook up... I still got your picture on my VU page!!!"
Jan 30, 2010

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  • shades of Pfunk and Zappa on that VW groove .. I'm buyin it!
  • Great demos by the way!
  • Hey Roy,
    Thanks for the kind words.
    I'm in East Tennessee near Knoxville. I grew up in Natchez Mississippi and spent a lot of time in New Orleans. I had cousins that lived out in the Parrish (Chalmette), so as a kid every summer I would spend a week with them. They always told me I talked funny!
  • Roy! You my Boy! Nice pic. Too bad I know you're way to nice to look like such a bad-ass.
  • Si Roy P. Yo soy muy Peligro$a!!!

    my industry/alter ego name is Ladie Mo$t Dangerou$$$...
    ...aka... La Mujer Ma$ Peligro$a...

    Hasta pronto...
    Ladie Mo$t
  • Hey man, thanks for the kind post! I dug your vo, production and musical tracks ('specially the psychedelic track). Let's team up and create some funky image work for today's mundane radio world.
    Ring me up anytime.
  • Don't tease me...I'm always looking for some great music to go with my written words & voice (I do spoken word). I'm also learning to play the guitar. Glad to have you as a friend...Let's make it happen!
  • Hello! Saw that you are a fellow NorthWester! I am in Seattle, and have been in the radio biz here since the early 90's - have we crossed paths during that time? I do remember that devastating storm in 2007 - the creek was risin in my backyard!
  • Roy P.,

    Wow the "First", I am honored and flattered=) Thank you for the compliment.

    Welcome to our wonderful world!

    Ladie Mo$t...
  • Roy,

    I hope you have a blast here on I ROCK THE MIC VO! Click away and enjoy the ride!
This reply was deleted.