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Jun 29, 2010
Rodney Scot Stoner commented on Rick Party's article VO Equipment
"I have a 4 x 6 ft. "Whisper Room" for sale in Charlotte NC. I have used this booth for one year and I've added additional soundproofing foam. Buyer must arrange pick up in Charlotte NC at my home. $2,500.00. I can send photos if you are interested.…"
Apr 29, 2010
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my wife Diane and I at her bday party
Apr 22, 2010
Rodney Scot Stoner posted a photo
Sep 28, 2009
Rodney Scot Stoner left a comment for Nathan Mackey
"very cool...thanks for the comment. The Thunderbirds were great to fly with. I also flew with the Top Gun fighter school and they allowed me to take the controls of the F-16 in Texas. We took up 3 F-16s and I got to do several maneuvers. It was a…"
Jul 18, 2009
Rodney Scot Stoner left a comment for Bob Souer
"Hey Bob,
I've been spending more time lately over at VO-BB. Thought I would take a moment and read the latest on VU. When things slow down a bit...I will be calling you about getting together here in Charlotte.
Jan 14, 2009
Rodney Scot Stoner left a comment for George Whittam
"Also...I can listen to itunes through Maestro and control volume levels to headphones and monitors by the dial/knob on Duet....but the "listening" ability simply vanishes when I open Twisted Wave to use my microphone. Total silence when I OPEN…"
Jan 7, 2009
Rodney Scot Stoner left a comment for George Whittam
"Yes...I have Maestro working just fine....I keep trying to check different boxes on the "input / output" selection in Maestro. I don't know what I am overlooking."
Jan 7, 2009
Rodney Scot Stoner left a comment for George Whittam
Thanks for your comments regarding my Apogee Duet....
I can't "hear" the mic through my headphones or monitors and it is driving me nuts! I am using the Twisted Wave program..after reading the suggestion from Beau. I know it will…"
Jan 7, 2009
Rodney Scot Stoner left a comment on Tech Notes for Voice Talent
"TWISTED WAVE QUESTION: PLEASE HELP....I am still trying to resolve an issue that might be simple to fix. TECH-WIZARDS help me....
I Open Twisted Wave on my MACBOOK PRO. I have the mic hooked up correctly through my Apogee Duet. I can SEE the…"
Jan 6, 2009
Rodney Scot Stoner posted a video
This is the latest promo spot running for my television series. This is an adventure travel series seen daily around the world.
Dec 4, 2008
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Dec 4, 2008
Rodney Scot Stoner left a comment on Mid-Atlantic Voice Over Professionals
"Hello everyone,
I have been in Charlotte North Carolina for 8 years. Los Angeles was home for 10 years prior to Charlotte. I have been the host of the tv series Discovery Jones Expeditions since 1999. While in L.A I was represented by CED as an…"
Dec 4, 2008
Rodney Scot Stoner left a comment on ASK JOE - VOICE OVER THEATER
The above was my conversation with God yesterday as I watched the video...
Congratulations on such sweet success...May that trickle my way someday soon."
Nov 20, 2008
Rodney Scot Stoner left a comment for Melissa Disney
I have been the host a children's tv series for the past 8 years. I am now doing V.O full time here in Charlotte NC. Chris Cates at The Film Foundry is a friend and I enjoyed your work on their project "Hermie & Friends"... Hope to work on…"
Nov 17, 2008
Rodney Scot Stoner left a comment for Joe Cipriano
"Hey Joe,
I moved from L.A to Charlotte NC 8 years ago to host a travel television series. I was with CESD while in L.A. Now I'm going full time into VOICEOVER WORK on the east coast. My so many to reach the level of…"
Nov 17, 2008

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  • Hello, Rodney! - Amazing stuff! Yes, a lot of work, but such a great career! Hope to see you around Charlotte! Success! ~ James
  • Did they give you a 9 G pin? I'm going to AirVenture Oshkosh (Wisconsin), the world's biggest fly-in in 11 days and I am pumped!!!
  • You took a ride with the T-birds? Awesome! I have seen them perform many times.Awesome! I fly a U-10A Helio Super Courier from the Vietnam era. It's not as fast as an F-16 but we can get off the ground in about 100 feet and fly as slow as 30 mph.
  • Rodney,

    I look forward to meeting you in person. Let me know when you're ready. Meanwhile, feel free to call any time.

    Be well,
  • Hi Rodney!

    I think you may have e-mailed me right before I left Charlotte, either that or this move is really getting to me :) We are supposed to move into our new house in early Nov. Once I get settled- let's talk! I'll see if I can help you with any Charlotte VO connections! (Or, feel free to shoot me another e-mail at While my cell isn't working that great here- I can type- hah!) Thanks for the comment- take care!
  • Let me be the first to welcome you to the UNIVERSE! You've joined a great group of people.

    And speaking of groups, let me also invite you to join my VU Group, Positive Thinkers UNITE! We can always use another creative, positive voice among us!

    Best wishes for continued success!

    Penny Abshire
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