Rebecca Michaels commented on Voiceover Universe's video
"Ditto all the questions that are listed below... except about the deal for the first born and tea!!!  I missed this somehow in Paul's work, so I'll check out his links too.  Would love to know about ventilation and cost.  Thanks for the video - fun…"
Oct 5, 2012
Rebecca Michaels commented on Jon Bailey's video
"Congrats Jon... :0)"
Jun 8, 2012
Rebecca Michaels left a comment for Rick Party
"Hi Zurek - Would you check out my fresh interview show?  I'd like to see if we can get this promoted here... Let me know what you think about that possibility.... Thanks!  Today's weekly release: Voiceover Guru & Emmy winner Stevie Vallance…"
Apr 25, 2012
Rebecca Michaels commented on SomeAudioGuy's video
"You know that was cool... I think I generally approach the mic intuitively right, but I admit that sometimes I might have gotten close to the mic for 'intimate' when maybe a read more conversational and flirty would have been a cool take.  
PS I…"
Mar 15, 2012
Rebecca Michaels left a comment for David W Stone
"Hey there Rock Star!! :0)"
Jan 28, 2012
Rebecca Michaels left a comment on VO Buzz Weekly
"Hey - just found you guys and very excited to know we share our passion for the love of this industry!  I have subscribed on iTunes and look forward to catching up with all the episodes!"
Jan 23, 2012
Rebecca Michaels commented on George Whittam's event East West Audio Body Shop
"Ooops, just realized it's not until 3 am my time... highly unlikely for me to attend.  DARN!"
Nov 6, 2011
Rebecca Michaels commented on George Whittam's event East West Audio Body Shop
"LOVE listening to the show highlights... AWESOME fun!  Wish I could turn in, but it's a little late for me to tune in at 1 am from Italy... but I will if I can!"
Nov 6, 2011
Rebecca Michaels left a comment for Jon Bailey
"Congratulations on keeping so busy... I'm doing interviews with other VO artists, including and particularly some segments on game VO.  I don't think you're in game VO yet?  But either way, good to touch base and I'll be in touch if you are open to…"
Sep 22, 2011
Rebecca Michaels left a comment for Jon Bailey
"I'm sure it was you...but this was many months ago, prob should've mentioned that... What I remember was that one of the guys had asked me to record the conference call and I was thrilled to do it because you provided 3 takes of some copy that was a…"
Sep 21, 2011
Rebecca Michaels left a comment for Jon Bailey
"Hi Jon,
We met at VAU during one of the conference calls. It's rare that I get to listen, so glad you were there that day. I know you recently were added to a great agency's roster... Hope you are doing great, your wife and your kids too.  Since…"
Sep 21, 2011
Rebecca Michaels left a comment for Temitope Kutelu
"Hi Temitope - Thanks for the friendship. I'm not sure how much I can help, but I'll try as possible! Congratulations for you to explore and step into the world of VO in English!"
Aug 20, 2011
Rebecca Michaels left a comment for Marc O'Neill Voiceovers
"Hi Marc - thanks for the VU friendship... Love the concert promo!
Aug 20, 2011
Rebecca Michaels left a comment for J. Christopher Dunn
"Hey Christopher - thanks for the connection... Looking forward to more excellent tips!"
Mar 6, 2011
Rebecca Michaels left a comment for Vicki Amorose
"Hi Vicki - Nice to meet you here. Love the profile Mona with a Mic!"
Mar 5, 2011
Rebecca Michaels left a comment for Kevin Delaney
"Great fun with video game scripts tonight Kevin. Thank you."
Nov 13, 2010

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  • Happy Birthday Rebecca! I hope you have a wonderful day!
  • Have a great birthday Rebecca. I enjoy reading your posts.

    Larry Long
  • happy-birthday-2010.gif

  • HI Rebecca:

    In honor of your birthday, I sat down and wrote you a
    song. Here are the lyrics . . . .”This is your Birthday Song,
    It isn’t very long . . . “

    And many more . . . !

    Bob . . . at . . . - Orlando, FL
  • Thanks so much for adding me Rebecca
    Great to meet you
    So sweet what you wrote to me - I truly appreciate it
    Welcome to the VU world - such a great place to be

    Feel free to send me an email too so I can get you on my mailout list

    All my best
    Deb Munro
  • Hi Rebecca,

    I am still building up my website, not quite ready yet ;) I will have to upload some voice demos soon as well! I am currently working on other music projects at the moment for the band Gomez.

    I am always available for editing tracks! And I hope to get more involved in VO work soon ;)
  • Hi Rebecca!

    A pleasure to meet you. Thanks for the connect! I trust all is well with you?

  • Hi Rebecca!

    Welcome to Voiceover Universe! You'll meet some old friends and make some new ones around here!

    I hope you'll check out and join a group called MARKETING FOR FUN AND PROFIT. It's a group dedicated to discussing ways we can market ourselves - what works; what doesn't. You’ll find some very interesting ideas and concepts there! And we would appreciate your input. Click here for the link: MARKETING FOR FUN AND PROFIT!

    Thanks for your time! I trust our paths will cross soon!

    Best to ya!

    dan (daniel eduardo) hurst
  • Hi, Rebecca!

    I’m so happy to be one of the first to welcome you to the UNIVERSE! You've joined an amazing group of very talented and generous people. You’ll love it here!

    I'd also like to invite you to join my VoiceOver Universe Group, Positive Thinkers UNITE!

    We welcome all creative, positive voices to join! We hope you’ll count yourself among us!

    Best wishes for your continued success!

    Penny Abshire

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