Randy Thomas commented on Sylvia Villagran's video
"Sylvia you are a superstar! Makes me want to go buy a toy!"
Dec 15, 2010
Randy Thomas left a comment for Penny Abshire
"Thank you Penny! Your love shines brightly every day when you share yourself with others. I am blessed to know you!"
Oct 22, 2010
Randy Thomas left a comment for Bill Fike
"Bill-If a Manley was good enough for Don...Let me know what you think? Also would you be pairing the Manley with the Manley VoxBox. I think that they work best in tandem."
Aug 18, 2010
Randy Thomas left a comment for Bill Fike
"Hi Bill-Thanks for reaching out. I love my Manley. Is has a great sound for me. I also love a Sennheiser 416 and the Neumann u-87. But for what I do which is promo the Manley seems to remain my workhorse mic.
hope that answers your question."
Aug 18, 2010
Randy Thomas left a comment for Jennifer Rose Pagano
"Jennifer- ISDN is a digital phone line (2 actually) that your phone company provides and installs by running the service to your home. Depending where you are some are more difficult to get. You need to order your Telos Zephyr from one of the audio…"
Jul 29, 2010
Randy Thomas left a comment for Randy Thomas
"Hello to all my VO- friends. I hope you are fired up and inspired for a great week ahead!"
Jun 7, 2010
Randy Thomas left a comment for Cia
"Hi Cia-Thank you for reaching out to me! Happy to friend you here.
break a lip!
Mar 30, 2010
Randy Thomas left a comment for lisa m ivery
"Hi Lisa! Thank you! Please feel free to ask me anything!!"
Mar 3, 2010
Randy Thomas left a comment for Randy Thomas
"Hello all my VU buds! I am so glad to be here and love all the notes I get. I am sorry that I do not get to visit the page as often as I would like.
Work, family and a new puppy have been keeping me crazy busy! "Thanks G-d" as my Grandmother would…"
Feb 25, 2010
Randy Thomas left a comment for Nicole Cabell
"Hi Nicole! You sound great!
break a lip!
Feb 25, 2010
Randy Thomas left a comment for Loren Gursky
"Hi Loren-You are quite welcome. There are so many great coaches affiliated with this site I should be last on your list of coaches. As for me coaching right now is not an option. I am too slammed all day to do it properly. One thing, if you have not…"
Dec 7, 2009
Randy Thomas left a comment for Randy Thomas
"Hope all is well in your Universe! thanks for stopping by. May the voice be with you and may you find vo work in abundance!"
Nov 17, 2009
Randy Thomas left a comment for Andrew Danish
"sorry to all my VU friends I have not been on here lately. I promise to stay in touch! Thank you for being my friends and for using your voice!!
Nov 5, 2009
Randy Thomas left a comment for Chad Thomas Benson
"Hi Chad!!!Now that my number one producer is here I hope I can still find you when I need you. LOL! Hey you need to get your demos up here!! Plus you need to tell everyone you are the edit meister!!
Oct 27, 2009
Randy Thomas left a comment for Bettye Zoller
"Hi Bettye-Thank you so much for reaching out to me. Wishing you continued success. I hope to have a chance to chat with you sometime.
warmest regards,
Oct 3, 2009
Randy Thomas left a comment for Julie Rei Goldstein
"Hi Julie-Thanks for reaching out! I see you live in my old stomping grounds 91423. Wishing you and amazing day and hope to see you next time I am in LA.
break a lip!
Oct 2, 2009

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  • Randy:
    It was nearly IMPOSSIBLE to peel myself away from my booth at VOICE 2008 to chat with you! I am glad we finally met and I'll fill you in on VO2GO "Don LaFontaine" edition as it comes...
  • I am dreaming big Randy! I am, I am!!! Just (self) published my first poetry book too! :) xo
  • Randy.. unfortunately I did not get to say hello to you at Voice '08, I however was very moved by your panel, yourself, and your beautiful friends! Gawd, I dreamnt of being a VJ growing up... I even auditioned once during a 'contest show' they ran in the late 90's. So thank you for bringing Martha along...

    You rock, and so does Miss Caryn Clark--the hip chick voice! ;)

  • Randy it was a pleasure meeting you. Tell me again why 2 fellow Floridians have to travel all the way to Los Angeles to meet? Hope to see you in October for your big book event.
  • Hi Mike,
    Nice of you to reach out. Let's all keep a good thought for calm weather to remain for the duration of summer.
    all best,
  • Randy,

    It was great to finally meet you this weekend. You are an inspiration. Here's to days of LESS RAIN for us here in Florida..to come.

    Mike Elmore
  • I got back home after a week in Los Angeles. We make our annual family pilgrimage to the birthplace of our daughter Rachel. We had the best week ever!
    My presentation at Voice 2008 was on Saturday and I was blown away with how many people wanted to hear what I had to say.
    Thank you everyone who came into the room. I am so thankful that my writing partner Peter Rofe got to introduce me (later on Saturday, Peter, moderated his own panel).
    Thank you to Martha Quinn http://marthaquinnpresents.com/ and Arielle Ford www.fordsisters.com for helping me present how to create the career and life of your dreams! I think many folks left the room an hour later feeling a little more empowered.
    all best!
  • Love you work on Lite 93.7 in Ft Myers. I did traffic for a year for that station. Great voice!!!!!!!
  • Uauuu .. Thanks for your comement.. You too!!
    Great Stuff Randy!! I wish you great success in your voice work to. Perhaps we'll meet in a studio someday.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

    The Best Regards!!!

  • Hi Randy and thanks so much for the add.

    So disappointed I'm unable to attend "Voice" this year... it happens to coincide with taking our girls back to school. Figures. So jealous of everyone else who's able to attend. I hope everyone has a safe trip, learns loads, and most importantly, has a fantastic time!
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