Rachel Fulginiti left a comment for J.D. Cannon
"Hey Jerome,
Nice to meet you!"
Nov 6, 2010
Rachel Fulginiti left a comment for AL B Conahan
"Thank you Al for the QB suggestion!! Checking it out! I know they have a free version, but I don't think it has all the things on it I want."
Apr 30, 2010
Rachel Fulginiti left a comment for Heather Anne Henderson
"Hey Heather! Nice to see you here!!
Xoxo Rachel"
Mar 5, 2010
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"Thanks for the encouragement! Nice to be your "friend"!!!"
Mar 5, 2010
Rachel Fulginiti left a comment on Los Angeles Voice Actors
"Hello Guys, just wanted to introduce myself and say hi!
happy Weekend!"
Feb 26, 2010
Rachel Fulginiti left a comment for Temba Hove
"Hi Tempa! Nice to become your friend! How's the VO scene in South Africa?"
Nov 11, 2009
Rachel Fulginiti left a comment for Barry Moore-Barry@TenorTime.com
"hey Barry, thanks for the friend request! I just finished recording an audio book myself. What a great experience. What a marathon! Like a train that just has to keep on a rollin! How's yours coming?"
Nov 11, 2009
Rachel Fulginiti commented on Rick Party's video
"awesome! I've also really enjoyed your participation in the SAG VO Summit! I was the one who asked the question about how do I best utilize this site! I'm getting it now...thanks!!!"
Nov 11, 2009
Rachel Fulginiti left a comment for Vida
"Hey girl!! I like the way you pretty-ified your page!"
Nov 3, 2009
Rachel Fulginiti left a comment on Positive Thinkers UNITE!
"I firmly believe in believing it first! The material world always takes a while to catch up with our inner vision!
"Walk and the net will appear"... I believe in my dreams and the dreams of others... together we can manifest the reality we envision~…"
Aug 20, 2009
Rachel Fulginiti left a comment for Penny Abshire
"Hi Penny!
Thanks for the welcome and for the invite to Positive Thinking-I love it!
Best Wishes!!!
Aug 17, 2009
Rachel Fulginiti posted a photo
Aug 17, 2009

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  • Congratulations on the job Rachel!!!
    That's fantastic news =)

  • Hi Rachel I would recommend Quick Books from Intuit with a add on called Customer Manager. It's inexpensive and very easy to use. Will handle all of your needs to run your business and some things you may have not thought of yet, like reports and banking and tax issues. Check it out on their website.
    AL B C, a perfect stranger
  • Happy New Year, dear.

    Hope you are well.

  • Hi Rachel,
    Thanks for the link-up. Was listening to your demos and am quite impressed with your versatility. "Break a leg" as they say on you audio book. I'm sure the hard work will pay off and the experience thrilling!

    The Voice Over scene here is still at an upward learning curve, mainly due to the relatively small market; so one is always knocking on doors and dependant on Agents.

    Will keep in touch.

    Take care.................
  • One more thing, cheerio, deario.

    I listened to your demos. WOW!

    I have GOT to re-do my recorded demos. I sound absolutely boring next to you.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Rachel,

    You asked, so I will tell. My book-on-tape-CD-DVD, whatever, is about General George S. Patton. Funny since it is Veteran's Day.

    I am half way through. So I haven't been paid lately.

    But, WTF, I knew that advancing down this career path would require additional funds.

    I haven't had a "real" job in a year or so, but I stocked up in advance, so no hurting here.

    The whole idea was to totally switch careers, and at 49, I'm a little old to be playing basketball, even at 6'5".

    In closing, I hope you had a very happy birthday. Keep in touch, if you wish.

    Best regards,

  • Thanks hon. Happy birthday!
  • Happy Birthday Rachel!
  • Happy Birthday, Rachel. Great pipes! Keep up the good work & all the best!
  • Happy Birthday Rachel. May your sweet dreams be a reality.
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